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Software Testing-Question Bank-Q 111 to 120

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Software Testing-Question Bank: Q. 111 to 120

Q. 111: What is Server Side Includes or SSI?

Server Side Includes or SSI is a mechanism by which we can include files using a special type of HTML comment which is similar to the include feature of todays scripting languages like JSP & PHP etc.

Old type CGI programs and ASP scripts are still using Server Side Includes or SSI to include libraries of code.

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Q. 112: What is the difference between Dynamic Analysis & Static Analysis?

Dynamic Analysis: refers to the process of testing and evaluation of a program by executing data in real-time. The objective

is to find errors in a program while it is running, rather than by repeatedly examining the code offline. Smoke testing is a type of dynamic analysis.

Static Analysis: refers to a set of techniques of program analysis where the program is not actually executed rather it is analyzed by some tools to produce the desired information. Objective of performing static analysis to ensure soundness and completeness of the program.

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Q. 113: What is Vulnerability Analysis?

Vulnerability Analysis is a process which defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes or vulnerabilities in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. It can be used to predict the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are implemented in actual practice.

Vulnerability Analysis or Vulnerability Assessment involves following steps:

# Defining and classifying network or system resources

# Assigning relative levels of importance to the resources

# Identifying potential threats to each resource

# Developing a strategy to deal with the most serious potential problems

# Defining and implementing ways to minimize the consequences if an attack occurs.

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Q. 114: What is a Vulnerability Scanner?

A vulnerability scanner is a tool for detecting & reporting genuine vulnerabilities in the system. It uses an up-to-date database containing complete information necessary to check a system for security holes. It provides facility to carry out multiple manual scans at a time. Its reports provide recommendations for countermeasures to remove the vulnerabilities detected by it.

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Q. 115: What is an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who legitimately attacks the security system on behalf of the management with an objective to find vulnerabilities, which any malicious hacker could exploit.

For testing a security system, ethical hackers use the same methods as malicious hackers, but their aim is to report back the problems instead of taking advantage of out of them. Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing or intrusion testing.

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Q. 116: What is Database testing?

Database testing involves the following activities:

1) Testing of Data validity.

2) Testing of Data Integritity.

3) Performance testing related to the data base.

4) Testing of Procedure, triggers and functions.

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Q. 117: What are the things checked in Database Testing?

Following things are generally checked In Database Testing:

1) Validation of field size

2) Checking of constraints.

3) Checking of Indexes as to whether done or not

4) Checking of stored procedures

5) Checking as to whether the field size defined in the application is matching with that in the database or not

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Q. 118: What is High Order Testing?

High Order Testing is black-box testing conducted on the software after the completion of all integration activities.

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Q. 119: What is Internationalization or I18N?

Internationalization refers to the development and testing relating to handling foreign text and data within a software program in such a way that it will be easy to adapt it to several international markets having different languages and cultures. Internationalization includes sorting, importing and exporting text and data, correct handling of currency and date and time formats, string parsing and upper / lower case handling etc.

Method of deriving the abbreviation I18N for Internationalization goes like this:

First, we take the first letter of the word Internationalization we want to abbreviate; in this case the letter "I". Next, we take the last letter in the word; in this case the letter "N". These become the first and last letters in the abbreviation. Finally, we count the remaining letters in the word between the first and last letter. In this case. "nternationalizatio" has 18 characters in it. Thus we shall encapsulate the number 18 between the "I" and "N"; thus making the final abbreviation as I18N.

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Q. 120: What is localization or L10N?

Localization refers to development, testing and adapting the software product to suit a local or regional market. The objective of localization is to ensure suitability of the product with language & cultural aspects of the users of a particular region.

localization includes translating the program, choosing appropriate icons and graphics, and other cultural considerations. It also may include translating the program's help files and the documentation.

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