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Software Testing-Question Bank-Q 121 to 125

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Software Testing-Question Bank: Q. 121 to 125

Q. 121: What is Globalization G11N?

Globalization refers to the activities performed for the purpose of marketing a software product in regional markets. The objective of globalization is to take care of global marketing accounting for economic and legal factors. The main focus of globalization is on marketing providing total enterprise solutions and a support to the management.

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Q. 122: What are the benefits of Software Validation?

Software validation is an important tool employed to assure the quality of the software products. Few benefits are as under:

1) It increases the usability and reliability of the device software, resulting in reduced failure rates, less recalls and corrective actions, less liability to device


2) It reduces the long term costs by making it easier and less costly to reliably modify software and revalidate software changes.

3) It helps to reduce the long-term cost of software by reducing the cost of validation for each subsequent release of the software.

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Q. 123: What is the role of Design Reviews in Software Development Life Cycle?

Design review is a primary tool for managing and evaluating software development projects. Design reviews allow management to confirm that all goals defined in the software validation plan have been achieved. Formal design reviews are more structured and include participation from others outside the development team.

Design reviews are documented, comprehensive, and systematic examinations of a design to evaluate the adequacy of the design requirements, to evaluate the capability of the design to meet these requirements, and to identify problems.

Design reviews include examination of development plans, requirements specifications, design specifications, testing plans and procedures, all other documents and activities associated with the project.

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Q. 124: What is the need of Software Validation after a change?

When any change even a small one is made to the software, following activities need to be performed:

1) Re-establishment of the validation status of the software.

2) Conducting necessary validation analysis - not for the sake of validation of the individual change, but o to know the effect of the change on the entire software system.

3) Conducting suitable level of regression testing to show that unchanged but vulnerable portions of the system have not been adversely affected. Regression testing is meant to provide a confidence that the software has been validated after the change.

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Q. 125: What is Output Forcing?

Output Forcing is a sort of functional testing of software applications.

It refers to choosing test inputs to ensure that all or the selected software outputs are generated by the testing.

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