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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 41 to 50

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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 41 to 50

(Questions, solution or answers of which must be known to each & every Software QA Manager)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 31 to Q 40 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 41: How many lines of code can an inspection team expect to review during one meeting?

A. 100.
B. 150.
C. 250.
D. 350.

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Q. 42: Which of the following are types of in-process metrics for testers?

A. Prediction, process, informational, comparison, and tracking.
B. Informational, relational, comparison, projected, and results.
C. Combination, tracking, educational, relational, and prediction.
D. Prediction, comparison, combination, comparison, and projected.

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Q. 43: The following is included in the external view of the design review checklist:

A. How an end user interacts with the product.
B. The plan to recover from errors involving more than one function.
C. Function interfaces but not their internal definitions.
D. Information to be presented to a certification reviewer.

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Q. 44: Bad software development estimates happen when:

A. Gap areas are not identified.
B. Inadequate measurement tools are used.
C. Requirements are added.
D. Formal inspections are skipped.

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Q. 45: The benefits of running a static analysis pilot include which of the following?

A. Generating real results.
B. Generating exact savings calculations.
C. Providing a benchmark.
D. Providing a useful starting point.

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Q. 46: The four types of defects which may be found during a formal inspection are operational, minor, investigative, and:

A. Systemic.
B. Systematic.
C. Symptomatic.
D. Non-functional.

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Q. 47: Inspecting the following document ensures that the project management items for testing are addressed:

A. Requirements document.
B. Test plan.
C. Test case.
D. Project planning checklist.

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Q. 48: A product provides backup of files to tape. The internal view of its design review checklist should include:

A. The function for allocating the tape drive.
B. Information to be presented to the in-house review team.
C. Links to internal specifications for all tape drives supported.
D. Material to be reviewed only by the development team.

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Q. 49: Which of the following is a true statement about static analysis:

A. It will catch most defects.
B. It catches cosmetic defects but not critical ones.
C. It is useful only during unit test, not system test.
D. It is typically done with tools, rather than manually.

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Q. 50: Which of the following enables developers to achieve modular designs?

A. Use case diagrams.
B. Analysis and modeling.
C. Componetization.
D. Sequence diagrams.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 31 to Q 40 are as under:

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