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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 51 to 60

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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 51 to 60

(Questions, solution or answers of which must be known to each & every Software QA Manager)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 41 to Q 50 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 51: The inspection effort indicator is a proxy measure of how well the inspection process was:

A. Prepared.
B. Implemented.
C. Tracked.
D. Timed.

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Q. 52: It becomes harder to maintain the high quality that both producers and consumers of software need because of:

A. The time needed to produce new software.
B. The money needed to complete the project.
C. The size and complexity of software.
D. A growing lack of teamwork in software development.

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Q. 53: The Whole Plan Model uses the following two types of data in its calculations:

A. Project data and defect data.
B. Project data and product data.
C. Product data and defect data.

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Q. 54: Software professionals measure the effectiveness of their inspections by keeping track of time (example: how much time each person spends on each activity), quantities (example: number of lines of code inspected), team characteristics, and:

A. Major defects and their severity.
B. Cost of inspections
C. Number of design changes introduced.
D. Number of lines of code changed.

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Q. 55: Which of the following statements is true about how test data should be reported to consumers such as testers, developers, and test managers?

A. It is never a good idea to present raw test data to a consumer.
B. Test data should always be presented with an analysis.
C. Data should sometimes be presented without supporting information.
D. Test data should always be presented with a summary.

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Q. 56: Software quality professionals track pervasive problems such as data integrity problems, security breaches, and system availability problems in a metric called;

A. Rediscoveries.
B. High-impact defects.
C. Fix quality.
D. Total field reported defects.

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Q. 57: Early defect removal practices such as inspections:

A. Eliminate the need to apply Quality Predictive indicators.
B. Reduce overall time to market.
C. Reduce the need for static analysis.
D. Can only be used with the waterfall model.

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Q. 58: Software developers and testers are able to track how many defects have been injected into each phase by means of:

A. Fagan inspections.
B. Orthogonal Defect Classification.
C. Change management systems.
D. Root cause analysis.

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Q. 59: In the Practices Wizard of the Whole Plan Model tool, the Baseline state should be set to reflect the practices currently used in the:

A. To Be project state.
B. Software development process.
C. Defect removal efficiency rating.
D. Actual column.

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Q. 60: The following is a method of measuring how many issues customers are encountering:


Correct Answer of the above Questions

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