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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 951 to 960

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 951 to 960

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions for preparation of ISTQB certification exam

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions – Q. 951 to Q. 960


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 941 to Q 950 are at the end of this page: 

Q. 951: Bug life cycle

size=2 face=Arial>

A. Open, Assigned, Fixed, Closed
B. Open, Fixed, Assigned, Closed
C. Assigned, Open, Closed, Fixed
D. Assigned, Open, Fixed, Closed

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Q. 952: Who is responsible for document all the issues, problems and open point that were identified during the review meeting

A. Moderator
B. Scribe
C. Reviewers
D. Author

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Q. 953: A project that is in the implementation phase is six weeks behind schedule.

The delivery date for the product is four months away. The project is not allowed to slip the delivery date or compromise on the quality standards established for his product. Which of the following actions would bring this project back on schedule?

A. Eliminate some of the requirements that have not yet been implemented.
B. Add more engineers to the project to make up for lost work.
C. Ask the current developers to work overtime until the lost work is recovered.
D. Hire more software quality assurance personnel.

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Q. 954: Use cases can be performed to test

A. Performance testing
B. Unit testing
C. Business scenarios
D. Static testing

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Q. 955: The ___________ technique can be used to achieve input and output coverage

A. Boundary value analysis
B. Equivalence partitioning
C. Decision table testing
D. State transition testing

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Q. 956: The __________ testing is performed at the developing organization’s site

A. Unit testing
B. Regression testing
C. Alpha testing
D. Integration testing

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Q. 957: The software engineer's role in tool selection is

A. To identify, evaluate, and rank tools, and recommend tools to management
B. To determine what kind of tool is needed, then find it and buy it
C. To initiate the tool search and present a case to management
D. To identify, evaluate and select the tools

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Q. 958: Which is not the software characteristics

A. Reliability
B. Usability
C. Scalability
D. Maintainability

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Q. 959: A Test Plan Outline contains which of the following:

i. Test Items
ii. Test Scripts
iii. Test Deliverables
iv. Responsibilities

A. i,ii,iii are true and iv is false
B. i,iii,iv are true and ii is false
C. ii,iii are true and i and iv are false
D. i,ii are false and iii , iv are true

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Q. 960: Which of the following is not a major task of Exit criteria?

A. Checking test logs against the exit criteria specified in test planning.
B. Logging the outcome of test execution.
C. Assessing if more tests are needed.
D. Writing a test summary report for stakeholders.

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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