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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 961 to 970

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 961 to 970

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions for preparation of ISTQB certification exam

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 961 to Q. 970


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 951 to Q 960 are at the end of this page: 

Q. 961: In a Examination a candidate

has to score minimum of 24 marks inorder to clear the exam. The maximum that he can score is 40 marks. Identify the Valid Equivalance values if the student clears the exam.

A. 22,23,26
B. 21,39,40
C. 29,30,31
D. 0,15,22

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Q. 962: Verification involves which of the following :-

i. Helps to check the Quality of the built product
ii. Helps to check that we have built the right product.
iii. Helps in developing the product
iv. Monitoring tool wastage and obsoleteness.

A. Options i,ii,iii,iv are true.
B. i is true and ii,iii,iv are false
C. i,ii,iii are true and iv is false
D. ii is true and i,iii,iv are false.

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Q. 963: In a risk-based approach the risks identified may be used to :

i. Determine the test technique to be employed
ii. Determine the extent of testing to be carried out
iii. Prioritize testing in an attempt to find critical defects as early as possible.
iv. Determine the cost of the project

A. ii is True; i, iii, iv & v are False
B. i,ii,iii are true and iv is false
C. ii & iii are True; i, iv are False
D. ii, iii & iv are True; i is false

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Q. 964: Hand over of Testware is a part of which Phase

A. Test Analysis and Design
B. Test Planning and control
C. Test Closure Activities
D. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting

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Q. 965: Static analysis tools are typically used by

A. Testers
B. Developers
C. Testers & Developers
D. None

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Q. 966: The specification which describes steps required to operate the system and exercise test cases in order to implement the associated test design

A. Test Case Specification
B. Test Design Specification
C. Test Procedure Specification
D. None

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Q. 967: Test Case are grouped into Manageable (and scheduled) units are called as

A. Test Harness
B. Test Suite
C. Test Cycle
D. Test Driver

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Q. 968: Which of the following statements are TRUE for informal reviews?

I. Easy to get started and have some benefit
II. Have no or minimal formal process
III. The process must be documented
IV. May include "paired programming"

A. I, II and IV
B. I and III
C. III and IV
D. I, III and IV

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Q. 969: Which of the following statements describes a key principle of software testing?

A. Automated tests allow better statements of confidence about the quality of software products.
B. For a software system, it is normally impossible to test all the input and output combinations.
C. Exhaustive software testing is, with enough effort and tool support, feasible for all software.
D. The purpose of software testing is demonstrating the absence of defects in software products.

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Q. 970: Testing with out a real plan and test cases is called ---

A. Gorilla testing
B. Monkey testing
C. Adhoc testing
D. All of the above

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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