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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 931 to 940

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 931 to 940

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 931 to Q. 940


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 921 to Q 930 are at the end of this page:


style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">Q. 931: Integrity testing involves:

A. The testing of pseudo code

B. Performance testing

C. Alpha testing

D.The final phase of testing prior to deployment


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Q. 932: As a  moderator  in a  typical  formal  review, what  can  be  one  of  your  responsibilities?

A. Deciding  on the execution of  reviews
B. Documenting  all the issues  and  problems
C. Leading the  review o f the  documents
D. Identifying  and  describing  the  findings

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Q.933: Which is not a major task of test implementation and execution:

A.  Develop and prioritizing test cases, creating test data, writing test procedures and optionally, preparing test harness and writing automated test scripts.

B.  Logging the outcome of test execution and recording the identities and versions of the software under test, test tools and testware.

C.  Checking test logs against the exit criteria specified in test planning.

D. Verifying that the test environment has been set up correctly.


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Q.934 Which of the following is not appropriate for testing interactions between paths?

A.  Path that people are particularly likely to follow

B.  Choices at one menu level or data entry screen can affect the presentation of choices elsewhere

C.  Test reaction to all combinations of valid and invalid inputs

D. Randomly select different paths in each test cycle


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Q.935: Which of the following is the main purpose of the component build and integration strategy?

A. to ensure that all of the small components are tested

B. to ensure that the system interfaces to other systems and networks

C. to ensure that the integration testing can be performed by a small team

D. to specify how the software should be divided into components

E. to specify which components to combine when, and how many at once

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Q. 936: Which of the following BEST describes the difference between an inspection and a walkthrough?

A. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by the author.
B. An inspection is led by a moderator and a walkthrough is led by the author.
C. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by a trained moderator.
D. A walkthrough is led by the author. The author is not present during inspections.

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Q. 937: Where may functional testing be performed?

A. At system and acceptance testing levels only.
B. At all test levels.
C. At all levels above integration testing.
D. At the acceptance testing level only.

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Q. 938: What is the MAIN objective when reviewing a software deliverable?

A. To identify potential application failures by use of a test specification.
B. To identify defects in any software work product.
C. To identify spelling mistakes in a requirements specification.
D. To identify standards inconsistencies in the code.

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Q. 939: As part of which test process do you determine the exit criteria?

A. Test planning.
Evaluating exit criteria and reporting.
C. Test closure.
D. Test control.

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Q. 940: Which of the following is a MAJOR task of test implementation and execution?

A. Measuring and analyzing results.
B. Reporting discrepancies as incidents.
C. Identifying test conditions or test requirements.
D. Assessing if more tests are needed.

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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