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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 831 to 840

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 831 to 840

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 831 to Q. 840

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 821 to Q 830 are at the end of this page:

Q. 831: Which one of the following examples describes a typical benefit of static analysis supported by tools?


A. Static analysis supported by tools may find defects prior

to manual test execution.

B. Static analysis supported by tools prevents business analysts and requirement engineers building software models (e.g. state transition diagrams), which do not match the requirements.

C. By using static analysis tools user acceptance testing can be shortened because the users need to execute less tests.

D. By performing static analysis of the code supported by tools the need for the developers doing unit testing is decreased.


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Q. 832: Which of the following are true of software development models?


a. Component Integration testing is present in all good development models.

b. Acceptance testing can take place before system testing starts.

c. Acceptance testing should only start when system testing is complete.

d. There may be fewer than four test levels in a V-model.


A. b and d

B. a and b

C. b and c

D. c and d


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Q. 833: Which of the following is a review process activity?


A. Individual preparation

B. Writing test conditions

C. Developing a test plan

D. Executing test scripts


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Q. 834: Which of the following are white-box test design techniques?


a. Decision table testing.

b. Decision coverage.

c. Boundary value analysis.

d. Error guessing.

e. Statement testing.


A. a and e

B. b and d

C. b and e

D. e and d


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Q. 835: Which of the following matches the activity (i to iv) to its most suitable type of tool (p to s)?


i. Analysis of code structure.

ii. Generation of test cases.

iii. Simulation of the environment in which a component is run.

iv. Analysis of test metrics.

p. Test management.

q. Test design tool.

r. Static analysis tool.

s. Test harness.


A. i-s, ii-p, iii-r, iv-q

B. i-r, ii-q, iii-s, iv-p

C. i-r, ii-s, iii-p, iv-q

D. i-q, ii-r, iii-s, iv-p


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Q. 836: Which of the following statements about functional testing is correct?


A. Functional test cases are derived from specifications

B. Functional test cases are derived from an examination of the code

C. Functional testing ensures error free software

D. Functional testing should be done before the Inspection process


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Q. 837: Which of the following account for most of the failures in a system?


A. They will be found in the smallest modules

B. They will be evenly distributed among all modules

C. They will be found in the largest modules

D. They will be found in a small proportion of modules


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Q. 838: Which of the following is a project risk?


A. There are non-standard implementations of some features

B. We may not be able to get a contractor to join the test team as planned

C. The response times of the software may not be fast enough

D. The contract has a legal loophole which has affected the company's profit


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Q. 839: Which of the following software work products would NOT TYPICALLY be examined using static analysis techniques?


a. Design specification.

b. Component's code.

c. Software model.

d. Test procedure.

e. Non-functional requirements specification.


A. a, c and d

B. a, d and e

C. b, c and d

D. a, b and e


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Q. 840: An automated air-conditioner is programmed to turn its heating unit on when the temperature falls below 17 Deg. C and to turn its refrigeration unit on when the temperature exceeds 26 Deg. C. The air-conditioner is designed to operate at temperatures between -10 Deg. C and +40 Deg. C. Given the above specification, which of the following sets of values shows that the equivalence partition test design technique has been used correctly?


A. 11 Deg. C, -1 Deg. C, 18 Deg. C, 27 Deg. C, 51 Deg. C

B. 11 Deg. C, -1 Deg. C, 12 Deg. C, 18 Deg. C, 27 Deg. C, 51 Deg. C

C. -11 Deg. C, 18 Deg. C, 51 Deg. C

D. -1 Deg. C, 12 Deg. C, 18 Deg. C, 27 Deg. C

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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