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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 841 to 850

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Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions for preparation of ISTQB certification exam

ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 841 to 850

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 841 to Q. 850

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 831 to Q 840 are at the end of this page:

Q. 841: When in the lifecycle should testing activities start?


A. As early as possible

style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'; mso-bidi-font-family: 'Times New Roman'">B. After the test environment is ready

C. After the requirements have been reviewed

D. Once the code is available to test


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Q. 842: Given the following decision table:




What is the expected action for each of the following test cases?

Joe is a smoker who will be skiing and has an existing medical condition.

Sue is a non-smoker who does not ski and does not have an existing medical condition.


A. Insure Joe offering no discount, insure Sue offering no discount

B. Insure Joe, offering a 10% discount and insure Sue offering a 10% discount

C. Do not insure Joe and insure Sue offering no discount

D. Do not insure Joe and insure Sue offering a 15% discount


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Q. 843: Which of the following test activities are more likely to be undertaken by a test lead rather than a tester?


a. Create test specifications.

b. Schedule tests.

c. Define metrics for measuring test progress.

d. Prepare and acquire test data.


A. c and d

B. a and b

C. b and d

D. b and c


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Q. 844: The list below (a to e) describes one major task for each of the five main activities of the fundamental test process. Which option (A to D) places the tasks in the correct order, by time?


a. Create bi-directional traceability between test basis and test cases.

b. Check test logs against exit criteria.

c. Define the objectives of testing.

d. Check planned deliverables have been delivered.

e. Comparing actual results with expected results.


A. a, c, b, e, d

B. c, a, d, e, b

C. c, a, e, b, d

D. d, a, c, b, e


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Q. 845: A simple gaming system has been specified as a set of use cases. It has been tested by the supplier and is now ready for user acceptance testing. The system is assessed as low risk and there is pressure to release the software into the market as soon as possible. Which of the following test techniques would be most appropriate for this testing?


A. State transition testing and decision testing

B. Equivalence partitioning and statement testing

C. Use case testing and exploratory testing

D. Decision table testing and exploratory testing


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Q. 846: A failure has occurred during system testing and incident report must be raised. The following attributes are available for the report:


a. Tester's name.

b. Date raised.

c. Priority (to fix).

d. Severity (impact on the system).

e. Expected Results.

f. Actual Results.

g. Test case specification identifier.

h. Failing software function.

i. Tester's recommendations.


Which attributes would be the MOST effective to enable determination of WHEN the incident should be fixed and HOW MUCH effort might be required to apply the fix?


A. b, c, e, f, g

B. a, b, d, h, i

C. c, d, e, f, h

D. c, d, e, g, i


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Q. 847: Which of the following would be MOST USEFUL in estimating the amount of re-testing and regression testing likely to be required?


a. The purchase of an automated test execution tool.

b. Time allocated for acceptance testing.

c. Metrics from previous similar projects.

d. Impact analysis.


A. a and b

B. b and c

C. a and d

D. c and d


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Q. 848: Which of the following are key success factors to the review process?


A. Review time is allowed in the test execution schedule, process improvement is recognised in the follow up meeting and the objective is always to find defects


B. Each review has a clear objective, the right people are involved, training is provided in the review technique and management fully support the process

C. Participants are trained, all review meetings are time boxed and moderators are project managers

D. Every team member will be involved, all review techniques are used on every work product and test managers control the review process


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Q. 849: Given the following sample of pseudo code:


Input ExamScore

If ExamScore <= 75 then

     Print "Candidate has failed"


     Print "Candidate has passed"

     If ExamScore >= 120 then

           Print "Candidate has achieved a distinction"




What is the minimum number of test cases required to guarantee 100% decision coverage?


A. 2

B. 1

C. 3

D. 4


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Q. 850: Match the following formal review roles and responsibilities:



1. Moderator.

2. Recorder.

3. Reviewer.

4. Manager.



P. The person chosen to represent a particular viewpoint and role.

Q. The person who decides on the execution of inspections and determines if the inspection objectives have been met.

R. The person who leads the inspection of a document or set of documents.

S. The person who documents all the issues, problems and open points.


A. 1Q, 2S, 3P, 4R

B. 1R, 2S, 3P, 4Q

C. 1Q, 2P, 3S, 4R

D. 1R, 2P, 3S, 4Q

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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