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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 801 to 810

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 801 to 810

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 801 to Q. 810

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 791 to Q 800 are at the end of this page:

Q. 801: A bank application determines the creditworthiness of customers. The application uses a set of rules to determine the upper limit of the credit amount. Which of the following black-box test design techniques is best for testing the application?


A. State transition testing


Use case testing

C. Equivalence partitioning

D. Decision table testing

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Q. 802: Below you find a list of improvement goals a software development and test organization would like to achieve.


Which of these goals for improving the efficiency of test activities would best be supported by a test management tool?


A. Improve the efficiency by optimizing the ability of tests to identify failures.

B. Improve the efficiency by building traceability between requirements, tests, and bugs

C. Improve the efficiency by faster resolving defects

D. Improve the efficiency by automating the selection of test cases for execution.

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Q. 803: Which statement about combinations of inputs and preconditions is true for a large system?


A. It is easy to test them all in a short time

B. It is not practically possible to test them all

C. It is not possible to test any of them

D. It is essential to test them all in order to do good testing


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Q. 804: Which  tests  are  BEST  described  by  the  following  characteristics?

W. Component  testing
X. Integration  testing
Y. Alpha  testing
Z. Robustness  testing

1. Testing the  interaction  between  components
2. Fixing  defects  as  soon  as  they are  found
3. Automating  test  cases  before  coding
4. Testing  separately  testable  components

A. W1, X4, Y3 and Z2
B. W2, W4, X1 and Z1
C. W2, W3, W4 and X1
D. W3, X1, X2 and X4

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Q. 805: Why should expected results be defined before execution?

A. To assist in test automation

B. To improve test efficiency

C. To reduce the possibility of incorrect results

D. To improve design of the software


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Q. 806: Which characteristics BEST describe a walkthrough?


A. Documented, includes peers and experts

B. Formal process collects metrics

C. Defined roles, led by trained moderator

D. Led by the author, may be documented


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Q. 807: Which of the following is a MAJOR activity of test control?


A. Scheduling test analysis and design

B. Implementing the test policy or strategy

C. Making decisions based on information from test monitoring

D. Determining the scope and risks


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Q. 808: For which of the following is Impact Analysis ESPECIALLY important?


A. Maintenance Testing

B. Unit Testing

C. System Testing

D. User Acceptance Testing


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Q. 809: What is the KEY difference in the usage of static analysis tools?

A. Developers use static analysis tools before and during component testing
    Designers use static analysis tools during software modeling

B. Developers use static analysis tools to check the syntax of their codes
    Designers use static analysis tools to ensure adherence to programming standards

C. Developers use static analysis tools before and after integration testing
    Designers use static analysis tools to guarantee regulatory compliance

D. Developers use static analysis tools to check the syntax of their codes
    Designers use static analysis tools after software modeling

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Q. 810: Given the following sample of pseudo code:


Read A, B, C;

If A > B then

Print "Primary ratio is" & A / B;

End If

If A > C then

Print "Secondary ration is" & A / C;

End If.


Which of the following test cases would achieve 100% statement coverage?


A. A = 5, B = 10 and C = 2

B. A = 10, B = 10 and C = 10

C. A = 10, B =5 and C = 2

D. A = 2, B= 5 and C = 10

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