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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Certification Exam-Sample Paper-Q. 31 to 40

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Certification Exam - Sample Paper: Q. 31 to 40

Deep study of this set of 70 questions (Recently increased to 140 questions) shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Manager Exam. All these questions are based upon ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 31 to 40)

Correct Answers to Earlier Q. 21 to 30 are at the end of this page:

Q. 31: It is unusual to find the full inspection process being followed routinely in iterative development projects — they are usually too costly in time and money.

Which part of the inspection process

could we make use of here, to best effect?

A. Train the moderators for the technical reviews so that they can manage the process better.

B. Inspect the requirements for every other iteration to improve overall quality of the system.

C. Collect metrics at the end of each iteration on defects being found by severity and priority, and use this to plan for the next iteration.

D. Include the managers in the reviews so that they can appreciate the costs involved better and provide more contingency for things going wrong.

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Q. 32: A major supermarket is upgrading its online store in response to recent changes in consumer spending. It has reduced its ‘premium’ products range by offering less organic meat and vegetables and less exotic fruit and vegetables. It has increased its ‘friendly’ product range by increasing its locally sourced produce, and its ‘fair-trade’ range by including more products from overseas where growers are assured a fair price for their products.

The front-end design is changing to allow customers to select their shopper preferences, which are:

# environmentally friendly;

# family friendly;

# fair to all.

Customers will then be offered products falling into each of these categories.

The changes to the front end are considered to be simple, when compared with the changes required to the back end, to provide each customer group with the correct product choices.

The development life cycle is Agile development. One of the developers has begun creating a high-level design to help clarify the product categories.

He has decided to hold a review of the high-level design.

Which one of the following review types would be suitable for the high-level design, for the reasoning given?

A. A walkthrough of the design, so that those building the front end can understand how their software will interact with the back end.

B. A technical review of the design so that each product category can be tightly defined before the functionality is built.

C. An inspection of the design to see if it can be easily reused for later iterations.

D. A management review of the design to ensure that it will be fit for purpose.

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Q. 33: Which of the following is NOT a challenge with outsourcing?

A. Cultural differences
B. Quality
C. Employee turnover
D. Low cost

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Q. 34: Which of the following statements is true?

A. You can use CMMi's continuous representation to concentrate improvement efforts on your own primary areas of need

B. You can use CMMi's staged representation to concentrate its improvement efforts on your own primary areas of need

C. You cannot use CMMi's uses a staged representation to measure your organization's level of maturity

D. You cannot use CMMi's uses a continuous representation to improve your organization's level of maturity

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Q. 35: Which of the following is a typical characteristic of testing for a safety critical system project?

A. Traceability of test results to regulations
B. Delivery date met through extensive bug deferral
C. Project insurance used to reduce the need for testing
D. Low complexity of the system

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Q. 36: Which of the following test progress monitoring metrics derives entirely from incident tracking?

A. Percentage of test cases prepared
B. Percentage of test cases passed and failed
C. Confidence in the product
D. Failure rate

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Q. 37: Which of the following is an activity in the ISTQB fundamental test process?

A. Analysis and design
B. Plan, prepare, perform, and perfect
C. Moment of involvement
D. Bug clustering

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Q. 38: Which of the following statements captures a key difference between preventive and reactive test strategies?

A. Test analysts are involved earlier in the lifecycle with preventive strategies

B. Test analysts are involved earlier in the lifecycle with reactive strategies

C. Test analysts invest more time in coverage analysis with reactive strategies

D. Test analysts invest more time in exploratory testing with preventive strategies

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Q. 39: Assume you are testing a banking application. You plan to use production data for testing. The production data includes personal information classified as private and confidential by the laws governing the organization.

Which of the following tasks might be part of test implementation?

A. Identifying security-related quality risks
B. Writing a privacy test plan
C. Anonymizing test data
D. Surveying beta testers

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Q. 40: A Software Company hired a new test manager to manage their testing department. There are 20 testers in the department and 3 of them are located in a different city than the rest of the team. Test team is expected to receive a new build next week for qualification. The project has high visibility from upper management and it is very important for the test manager to complete the qualification on-time. Three (3) new servers were ordered previously to setup the test environment for this new project. There are only 3 days left to begin testing and environment management (EM) team says they are busy with another project at the moment and setup will not be done until next week. If the network is not setup, testing will be impacted.

What is your advice to the new test manager?

A. Have a meeting with EM Manager and Project Manager and explain the situation and the project risk if servers are not setup in 3 days. Let the project manager make a decision.

B. Wait till EM team is done with their project.

C. Request testers to do the testing on old systems even though they do not have correct pre-requisite software.

D. Hire two additional testers to complete the project on-time.

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