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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst Exam-Sample Paper-Q 131 to 140

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst & Technical Test Analyst Exam - Sample Paper: Q. 131 to 140

Deep study of this additional set of 120 questions recently uploaded shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Analyst & Technical Test Analyst Exam. All these questions are based upon ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 131 to 140)

Correct Answers of earlier Q. 121 to 130 are at the end of this page:

Q. 131: Which of the following statements are correct?

I. Industries may tailor standards for their specific domain

II. Standards may differ based on countries, businesses and products.


All businesses should comply with same standard regardless of their business or country of origin.

IV. Standards exist for software reviews, software test documentations and random testing.

A. I, II, IV true. III false
B. I, II, III true. IV false
C. II, III, IV true, I false
D. III, IV true. II, II false

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Q. 132: A software company hired a new test manager to manage their testing department for an upcoming new project. Test manager spent his first two weeks identifying the testing environment and testing process. He found that the test environment and production has redundant architecture, depth and breadth of documentation, rigorous approach for development and testing, and compliance to regulatory requirements. The testing department is also audited 3 times a year by internal and external auditors.

Select the correct answer;

A. Test Manager is describing systems of systems environment.

B. Test Manager is describing a safety critical system environment.

C. Test Manager is describing his job duties.

D. Test Manager is describing a multiple clients and server architecture.

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Q. 133: What is the difference between designing tests with three boundary values per boundary and designing boundary value tests with two boundary values per boundary?

A. Use of three boundary values per boundary results in one valid value and two invalid values per boundary, while with two boundary values per boundary, there is one valid value and one invalid value

B. Use of three boundary values per boundary results in two valid values and one invalid value per boundary, while with two boundary values per boundary, there is one valid value and one invalid value

C. With three boundary values per boundary, the boundary itself is considered a possible value, while with two boundary values per boundary, the boundary lies between two adjacent possible values

D. With three boundary values per boundary, you are guaranteed to test the two equivalence partitions on each side of the boundary, while with two boundary values per boundary you might not test the two equivalence partitions on each side of the boundary

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Q. 134: You are testing an in-flight entertainment system to be installed by an airline on its airplanes. The system consists of a single computer and display in each seatback, networked to a storage server that will hold various video games, movies, music, and other entertainment. The system does not interface with any computers in the cockpit, or with any avionics software or systems. It is connected to its own separate power supply, independent of any cockpit or avionics systems.

What level of coverage does DO-178B/ED-12B require for this system? '

A. Two-switch coverage
B. Statement coverage
C. Decision coverage
D. None

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Q. 135: Select the correct answer;

I. IEEE 829 contains a standard for test summary report.

II. Test reporting can occur at the end of the testing effort.

III. Percentage of test time lost due to blocking events is not a valid metric to monitor.

IV. Test summary report may contain summary of testing activities, versions of the software tested and management approvals.

A. I, II and III are true, IV false
B. I and II true, III and IV are false
C. I, II and IV are true, III false
D. I and IV are true, II and III are false

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Q. 136: Assume you are testing a PC application which will run on all versions and service packs of Windows starting with Windows 2000, and must cohabit with all other PC applications, including security utilities and communication packages. Which of the following is the test technique that you would expect to be the most useful during testing of co-existence and environmental adaptability?

A. State-based testing
B. Decision trees
C. Cause-effect diagrams
D. Pairwise testing

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Q. 137: Test Process Improvement (TPI) maturity levels are;

A. Controlled, Efficient, Optimizing
B. Initial, Definition, Integration, Management & Measurement, optimization
C. Planning, acquisition, measurement
D. None of the above

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Q. 138: You are managing the testing effort for a new software application. In a meeting with the project manager, you recommend that requirement, designs, and code undergo reviews. The project manager says, "That sounds like a lot of work. What is the benefit?" Which of the following is a good response that will answer the project manager's question and address the big picture concerns that she would have?

A. Bugs are much cheaper to find and remove early in the lifecycle.

B. Finding too many bugs during system testing makes the test teams life difficult.

C. Holding review meetings for these items can slow down changes in the system.

D. We can use the review sessions to brainstorm new features and design decisions.

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Q. 139: You are testing a client/server system with a single input screen at the client side. The client input screen accepts five inputs, each of which has four equivalence classes. These inputs are then transmitted to the server, which processes them and returns a result. If you want to test using the classification tree for these inputs and cover the full set of combinations, how many input test sets do you need?

A. 16
B. 125
C. 1024
D. 3125

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Q. 140: Which of the statements are true about test documentations?

I. IEEE 829 standard contains test documentation template

11. Level test plan is a more detailed document which has information about testing tasks and milestones.

III. Test plan structures may vary depending on the organization and project.

IV. Test strategy or test plan is not required for safety critical projects.

A. I,II,III true
B. I, II, IV true
C. II III, IV true
D. III, IV true

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