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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank-Q 81 to 90

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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank: Q. 81 to 90

Learn "Controller" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 81: How the communication takes place across MI Listener machine in a fire-walled environment?

The MI Listener serves the purpose of a router between the Controller and the LoadRunner agent.

When the LoadRunner agent connects to the MI Listener machine, the MI Listener keeps a listing of the connection to the agent using a symbolic name that the agent passed to it.

When the Controller connects to the MI Listener machine, it communicates to the MI Listener through port 50500.

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Q. 82: How many types of online monitors are available

for controller machines?

1) Run-Time Monitors: For displaying the number and status of Vusers participating in the scenario, as well as the number and types of errors that the Vusers generate.

2) Transaction Monitors: For displaying the transaction rate and response time during scenario execution.

3) Web Resource Monitors: For providing information about the number of Web connections, throughput volume, HTTP responses, server retries, and pages downloaded to the Web servers during the scenario.

4) System Resource Monitors: For measuring the Windows, UNIX, Tuxedo, SNMP, Antara FlameThrower, and SiteScope resources used during a scenario.

5) Network Delay Monitor: For displaying the information about the network delays on our system.

6) Firewall Monitor: For measuring the statistics of the firewall servers during the scenario.

7) Web Server Resource Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the Apache, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet Web servers during the scenario.

8) Web Application Server Resource Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the Ariba, ATG Dynamo, BroadVision, ColdFusion, Fujitsu INTERSTAGE, iPlanet, Microsoft ASP, Oracle9iAS HTTP, SilverStream, WebLogic and WebSphere application servers during the scenario.

9) Database Server Resource Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases during the scenario.

10) Streaming Media Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the Windows Media Server and RealPlayer audio/video servers, as well as the RealPlayer and Media Player client during the scenario.

11) ERP/CRM Server Resource Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the SAP Portals, Siebel Servers, and PeopleSoft servers during the scenario.

12) Java Performance Monitor: For measuring the statistics of Java Platforms and Java-based applications using J2EE machines.

13) J2EE & .NET Diagnostics Monitors: For providing information to trace, time, and troubleshoot individual transactions through J2EE & .NET Web, application, and database servers.

14) Application Component Monitor: For measuring the statistics of the Microsoft COM+ server during a scenario run.

15) Application Deployment Solutions Monitor: For measuring the statistics of the Citrix MetaFrame servers during a scenario run.

16) Middleware Performance Monitors: For measuring the statistics of the Tuxedo and IBM Web servers during a scenario run.

17) Infrastructure Resources Monitor: For measuring the statistics of the network client data points during a scenario run.

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Q. 83: What is Merging Graphs in LoadRunner?

LoadRunner allows us to merge the results of two graphs from the same scenario into a single graph.

The merging helps us to compare several different measurements at once. For example, we can make a merged graph to display the Web Throughput and Hits per Second, as a function of the elapsed time.

To merge two graphs, the x-axis of both the graphs must be the same measurement.

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Q. 84: What situations are best suited for performing path translation?

1) When saving run-time result files to a shared drive which has been mapped differently by the Controller and remote load generator.

2) When the remote machine maps the path as another drive letter or path, path translation is necessary to enable the load generator to recognize the script location.

2) Across platforms - to translate Windows-based paths as seen by the Controller into paths recognized by the UNIX Vuser load generator.

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Q. 85: What is the use of Expert mode of Controller module of LoadRunner?

It is basically meant for the support personnel & helps us in getting access to the system information.

When we work in the Expert mode, the Controller dialog boxes contains additional options for fine tuning the Controller operation.

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Q. 86: How to check whether a particular problem lies with a scenario or lies with the Vuser script?

1) Verify that the script runs properly on all remote load generators in stand-alone mode.

2) Test the GUI Vuser scripts on Windows platforms using WinRunner.

3) Test the Vuser scripts on UNIX platforms by running them from the command line.

4) Test all other types of Vuser scripts on Windows platforms by running them from VuGen, or by running a single user from the Controller.

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Q. 87: What to do when a test passes when run in VuGen, but fails when run in Controller?

When a test runs in VuGen, the full browser is used. However when this test is run in Controller, it use the browser basics only.

Hence before running a scenario in the Controller with multiple Vusers, it is a best practice to run a single Vuser in stand-alone mode to ensure that the test is free from bugs.

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Q. 88: What to do when Controller machine fails to connect to the remote load generator machine?

Check the following items:1) Check TCP/IP connectivity: Ensure full TCP/IP connectivity among the Controller and Vuser machines. Use the ping utility from the DOS command line to verify communication with a remote machine.

2) Check Load generator connections: Ensure full connectivity of the load generator with every remote load generators from the Controller’s Load Generators dialog box.

3) Check UNIX shell: For UNIX Vusers, make sure that the Windows Controller can execute a remote shell command.

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Q. 89: What is the use of LoadRunner Agent?

LoadRunner Agent runs on the load generators and enables communication between the Controller, load generators, and MI Listeners under fire-walled environment.

The LoadRunner agent receives instructions from the Controller to initialize, run, pause, and stop Vusers. At the same time, the agent also relays data on the status of the Vusers back to the Controller.

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Q. 90: How can we increase the load during the Load test?

We can increase the load on the application during a running load test by manually adding more Vusers.

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