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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank-Q 91 to 100

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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank: Q. 91 to 100

Learn "Controller" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 91: What to do in case of a warning message that Controller cannot activate additional Vusers?

This is a hardware related problem. It happens when we use our local machine having limited memory resources, as a load generator.

Hence it is better to use a dedicated machine as a load generator to avoid such problems.

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Q. 92: How to know as to whether my application performed well under the load?

Look at the transaction response time and find out whether the transaction was within an acceptable limit for the customer.

If the transaction response time degrades, we need

to look for problems.

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Q. 93: When do we use of goal-oriented scenario in LoadRunner?

Prior to deploying an application, we want to run an acceptance test to make sure that the system will withstand the real-life expected workload.

We have an idea about a rate at which we expect the server should perform say in terms of number of hits or transactions per second.

Using a goal-oriented scenario we define a goal for the number of hits per second, transactions per second, or the transaction response time which we want to generate.

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Q. 94: How many types of goals are provided by LoadRunner in a goal oriented scenario?

LoadRunner provides following five types of goals in a goal oriented scenario:

1) Number of concurrent Vusers.

2) Number of hits per second.

3) Number of transactions per second.

4) Number of pages per minute.

5) Transaction response time which we want the scenario to reach.

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Q. 95: What is the objective of an analysis session after the load test?

The aim of an analysis session is to find out the failures in performance of our system and then to point out the root cause of such failures.

Following questions are asked during the analysis session.

1) Were the test expectations met?

2) What was the transaction response time on the user’s end under load?

3) Did the SLA meet or deviate from its goals?

4) What was the average transaction response time of the transactions?

5) What parts of the system could have contributed to the decline in performance?

6) What was the response time of the network and servers?

7) Can we find a possible cause by correlating the transaction times and backend monitor matrix?

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Q. 96: What to do when a script fails during simple playback, while during recording same actions were successful?

Many applications use dynamic values which change every time we use the application. For example, some servers assign a unique session ID for every new session. When we try to replay a recorded session, the application creates a new session ID which happen to differ from the recorded session ID.

LoadRunner addresses this issue through correlation. Correlation saves the changing values, in this case the session ID, to a parameter. When running the emulation, the Vuser does not use the recorded value and instead of it, it uses the new session ID, assigned to it by the server.

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Q. 97: How to confirm as to whether the desired content is the same as the returned web page?

This can be done through the content check which verifies that the expected information appears on a Web page while the script is running.

We can insert following two types of content checks:

1) Text check: For checking that a text string appears on a Web page.

2) Image check: For checking an image on a Web page.

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Q. 98: What is the use of a Throughput graph?

The Throughput graph shows the amount of data in terms of bytes which the Vusers receive from the server at any given second.

We then compare this graph with the Transaction Response Time graph to see how throughput affects transaction performance.

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Q. 99: How to know that the test has finished running?

When the test finishes its run, the Scenario Status pane shows the Down status. This indicates that the Vusers have stopped running.

We can look in the Vuser dialog box to see the status of each individual Vuser.

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Q. 100: How can we instruct LoadRunner to randomly run only one Vuser in a group?

This can be done by right-clicking the Vuser group and selecting "Run One Vuser Until Complete".

A Vuser script log will open, displaying the run-time information about the Vuser.

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