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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank-Q 71 to 80

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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank: Q. 71 to 80

Learn "Controller" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 71: What are the special considerations while running the LoadRunner scenario integrated with GUI Vuser script created in QTP or WinRunner?

1) Run just the one GUI Vuser concurrently per machine.

2) Ensure that QTP and WinRunner are closed before running the scenario.

3) In the Run-time Settings for script dialog box, only the General categories and sub-categories like General, Iterations, Miscellaneous, Think Time etc. are relevant for QTP and WinRunner tests.

4) The Replay options are not relevant for QTP and WinRunner tests.

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Q. 72: What actions are performed by the LoadRunner during scenario execution?

While executing a scenario, the LoadRunner does the following:

1) Recording of the duration of the transactions you defined in the Vuser scripts

2) Performing the rendezvous included in the Vuser scripts

3) Collecting error, warning, and notification messages generated by the Vusers

During running of scenarios Controller module of LoadRunner performs following actions:

a) Checking the scenario configuration information.

b) Invokes the applications selected by us for running with the scenario.

c) Distributing each Vuser script to its specified load generator. When the Vuser groups become re ready, they start executing their respective scripts.

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Q. 73: Can we activate an additional Vuser while a scenario is running?

With the help of Run / Stop Vusers dialog box, we can activate an additional Vuser while a scenario is running.

The scenario will finally end when all the Vusers have completed their scripts, or when the specified duration finishes out, or when we terminate it.

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Q. 74: What are the brief steps of running a scenario?

Scenario execution by & large follows following basic steps:

Step -1:Opening of an existing scenario or creating a fresh one.

Step -2:Configuring and scheduling the scenario.

Step -3:Setting the results directory.

Step -4:Running and monitoring the scenario.

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Q. 75: How running of individual Vusers differ from running an entire scenario?

We can run all the Vusers and Vuser groups all together in a scenario, alternatively we can chose the specific Vuser groups and Vusers and can run them individually.

The difference in operation lies as under:

1) When We run an entire scenario, LoadRunner does not begin running Vusers until they all reach the Ready state.

2) When we run individual groups or Vusers, LoadRunner runs each Vuser immediately after it reaches the Ready state.

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Q. 76: What do we mean by initialization of Vusers in a group?

By initializing the Vusers, we distribute the Vusers in the group to their specified load generators so that they get ready to execute their script.

The status of the Vuser group changes from Down to Pending to Initializing to Ready. In case a particular Vuser group does not get initialized due to any reason, the status of this Vuser group changes to Error.

By initializing all the Vusers in a group before running them, we can ensure that they all begin executing the scenario at the same time.

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Q. 77: How the addition of new Vusers differ among various modes of running a scenario?

We run a scenario or Vuser in two modes like: 1) Vuser Group Mode 2) Percentage Mode.

1) Vuser Group Mode: Here we control the number of new Vusers that can be added to each Vuser Group, and the load generators on which these additional Vusers will run.

2) Percentage Mode: Here we control the number of new Vusers that can be distributed among the Vuser scripts according to the percentage you define, and the load generators on which these additional Vusers will run.

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Q. 78: What type of Vuser activity can be seen while a scenario is running?

LoadRunner allows us to see the following Vuser activity during a scenario run:

1) On the Controller load generators, we can view the Output window, monitor Vuser performance online, and check the status of Vusers executing the scenario.

2) On remote machines, we can view the Agent summary with information about the active Vusers.

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Q. 79: How connections are established among Controller & Load Generators under fire walled environment?

In a conventional non-firewalled load test scenario, the Controller can directly connect to the LoadRunner agents running on remote machines.

While running Vusers over a firewall, the direct connection between the controller and the Load Generator gets blocked by the firewall. The reason being that the Controller does not have permissions to open the firewall.

LoadRunner addresses this problem by using a communication configuration based on HTTPS or secured TCP/IP.

In such a fire walled environment, a LoadRunner agent is installed on load generators running Vusers, and on Monitor machines which monitor the servers. This agent communicates through port 443 in the firewall.

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Q. 80: What is a MI Listener machine?

The MI Listener machine works as a router between the following:

1) The agent on the load generator machine and the Controller, enabling the Controller to run Vusers over a firewall.

2) The agent on the Monitor over Firewall machine and the Controller, enabling the Controller to monitor the servers that are located over a firewall.

MI Listener components are installed on a dedicated machine.

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