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Ten Challenges Faced by Software Testing Engineers while working with QTP

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Ten Challenges Faced by Software Testing Engineers while working with QTP

1. QTP can only run on Microsoft Windows OS. Support for other operating systems is not yet supported. Hence, it is not possible to do cross platform testing with Quicktest Professional.

2. QTP can not recognize objects running on remote machines. Hence, it is not possible for QTP to automate applications running on remote machines. Also, QTP can not automate applications invoked through Citrix. The possible workaround is install QTP on the Citrix server and then launching QTP and the application might help.

3. Reporting facility and Error handling in QTP can be considerably improved.

4. QTP has very limited support for C++ applications.

5. The application to be tested/automated has to be opened after opening QTP as internally QTP can hook with the application only when the application is opened after launching QTP.

6. QTP supports only one scripting language which is VBScript which has several limitations. Had there been a choice of language to automate just like it is in Selenium, it would be have been very useful.

7. QTP performance degrades if the Object repository size is quite huge. It takes time to open a test with huge QTP object repository. Same goes for QTP Actions. Using too many actions in QTP decreases QTP's performance.

8. QTP Scripts dont work on locked machines.

9. QTP

supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and now Google Chrome. However, support for Firefox and Chrome is still limited and only possible in QTP 11.

10. QTP license cost is quite high.

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