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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 31 to 40

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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 31 to 40

(Questions are useful for beginners as well as experienced QA Managers; who can review their skill before appearing in any interview)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 21 to Q 30 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 31: Which document helps you to track test coverage?

A. Traceability Matrix
B. Test plan
C. Test log

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Q. 32: _________ test is conducted at the developerís site by a customer.

A. Beta
B. System
C. Alpha
D. None of the above

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Q. 33: Test summary report

A. Functional testing is mostly
B. Validation techniques
C. Verification techniques
D. Both of the above
E. None of the above

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Q. 34: Which of the following is not a type of test under phases in testing life cycle?

A. Integration test
B. Load test
C. User Acceptance test
D. Beta test

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Q. 35: Verification performed without any executable code is referred to as

A. Review
B. Static testing
C. Validation
D. Sanity testing

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Q. 36: Use of an executable model to represent the behavior of an object is called

A. Simulation
B. Software item
C. Software feature
D. None of the above

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Q. 37: UAT is different from other testing types normally because of

A. Data
B. Cycles
C. Defects
D. None of the above

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Q. 38: Alpha testing is differentiated from Beta testing by

A. The location where the tests are conducted.
B. The types of test conducted
C. The people doing the testing
D. The degree to which white box techniques are used

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Q. 39: What is COTS?

A. Commercial On-the-shelf software
B. Commercial off-the-shelf software
C. Common Offshore testing Software

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Q. 40: Defects are least costly to correct at what stage of the development cycle?

A. Requirements
B. Analysis & Design
C. Construction
D. Implementation

Correct Answer of the above Questions 

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