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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 251 to 260

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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 251 to 260

(Questions are useful for beginners as well as experienced QA Managers; who can review their skill before appearing in any interview)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 241 to Q 250 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 251: Which of the following methods of test estimation would be most appropriate for each Sprint?

A. Ask the testers to talk to each other and reach a consensus.
B. Take 30% of the total development time required for the Sprint.
C. Conduct a test point analysis on the content and navigation requirements.
D. Use metrics from the last accessibility project at MSC.

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Q. 252: Which of the following activities should be carried out at the start of this process?

A. Marketing of the service to as many people as possible to reduce the risk of poor revenues.

B. Holding a workshop with as many stakeholders as possible to gain their views on the risks to the product and project.

C. Meeting with the project manager to agree a bigger budget.

D. Meeting with the development manager to agree defect fix turn-around times.

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Q. 253: Which stage of the Fundamental Test Process will be most affected by the use of user-stories as defined above?

A. Creating a schedule of activities as part of test planning.
B. Creating test cases as part of test design.
C. Creating the test environment as part of test execution.
D. Assessing requirements coverage at the end of each Sprint.

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Q. 254: Which of the following best describes the order in which this should be carried out?

a. Decide which category of test design technique to use.
b. Review test specifications.
c. Write test procedures.
d. Create test cases.
e. Identify test conditions.

A. a, b, d, e then c.
B. b, e, a, d then c.
C. b, a, d, c then e.
D. e, b, a, d then c.

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Q. 255: Which of the following would be an entry criterion into site acceptance testing for the air quality monitoring system?

A. That the code written to fulfil the requirement to monitor carbon dioxide levels has been 100% path tested.

B. That the functional specification accurately reflects requirements R1 and R2.

C. That the system has been tested at levels of oxygen usage well beyond anticipated personnel levels.

D. That the requirements for temperature control have been signed-off.

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Q. 256: Which of the following is an accurate depiction of the hierarchy of test management documentation (where the highest comes first)?
A. Test policy-Test strategy-Project test plan-System test plan
B. Test strategy-Test policy-Project test plan-System test plan
C. Test policy-Project test plan-Test strategy-System test plan
D. Project test plan-Test strategy-System test plan-Test policy

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Q. 257: Which of the following reviews would you recommend to address this issue?

A. A walkthrough of the requirement specification, to check for errors.

B. A management review of defects logged and cleared to see if defects are being addressed correctly.

C. A technical review of the industry standard routing protocols to see if they have inaccuracies in them.

D. An inspection of the code for this part of the functionality to try to localize the defective parts of the code.

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Q. 258: Which two of the following measures would give the best indication of likely product quality?

a. Number of hours of overtime worked.
b. Number of test runs.
c. Coverage of requirements achieved.
d. Defect trends.
e. Budget sent so far.

A. a and c.
B. band d.
C. c and d.
D. d and e.

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Q. 259: Which of the following review types would be recommended at the start of each Sprint, for the reason given?

A. An inspection, to find errors in the user-stories.

B. A management review, to check that the user-stories will accurately reflect the rules for accessibility. 

C. A walkthrough of the set of user-stories, to ensure that the developers and testers understand what is to be built. 

D. A technical review of the test plan, to ensure that the developers are aware that they must produce good quality code.

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Q. 260: When creating the functional specification for the temperature control system, which of the following review types would be most recommended to resolve any issues?

A. A walkthrough.
B. A technical review.
C. A management review.
D. A code inspection.

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