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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 241 to 250

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Software Testing Skill Review Test-Q 241 to 250

(Questions are useful for beginners as well as experienced QA Managers; who can review their skill before appearing in any interview)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 231 to Q 240 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 241: Which of the following provides the best example of a product risk leading to a project risk?

A. The signaling systems may have more defects than anticipated, leading to the need for more re-testing to be carried out.

B. There may be unexpected lags on the network traffic communication, causing drivers to slow the trains down unnecessarily.

C. The new

development staff may require training for this type of system, which, if not carried out, may lead to an increase in the number of defects introduced.

D. The budget may need to be increased significantly during the project, otherwise there may be delays in the delivery of the system.

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Q. 242: Which of the following are product risks and which are project risks?

a) The navigation through some parts of the website may need to be different from others.
b) Sprint 1 may not be completed on time, leading to a delay to the start of Sprint 2.
c) Text versions of images may not always be possible.
d) There may be a need to buy a capture-replay tool for regression testing.
e) A key member of the team may leave before the Sprints have been completed.

A. a, b and c are product risks, d and e are project risks.
B. a and c are products risks, b, d and e are project risks.
C. b, c and e are product risks, a and d are project risks.
D. a, d and e are product risks, b and c are project risks.

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Q. 243: Which one is a product risk associated with the air quality management system?

A. The system required to monitor oxygen levels may be more expensive than those required to monitor air temperatures.

B. The company may need to recruit extra developers and testers to deliver the project on time.

C. Oxygen levels may reach dangerously low levels.

D. Extreme temperatures may lead to heat exhaustion of personnel.

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Q. 244: Which of the following best describes the difference between the use of Walkthroughs and inspections in this scenario?

A. Walkthroughs of specifications would enable the individuals to learn more about the system being developed, whilst inspections would allow the organization as a whole to improve.

B. Walkthroughs of signaling rules will be more cost effective than inspections.

C. Inspections of code should be carried out by the developers, whilst code Walkthroughs should include just the testers.

D. A walkthrough is an example of a static testing technique, whilst an inspection is an example of a dynamic testing technique.

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Q. 245: Which of the following test design techniques would be most suitable for testing that the oxygen is released at the required times? 
A. Decision Testing.
B. Statement Testing.
C. Data flow Testing.
D. Boundary Value Analysis.

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Q. 246: At the end of Sprint 1, which of the following would give the best indication of test coverage?

A. Number of user-stories required to define the trading environment.

B. Amount of unit testing planned by developers for each user-story associated with the trading environment.
C. Number of links required to the stock exchange.

D. Percentage of user-stories tested and passed for the trading environment.

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Q. 247: When a software defect in a system has been found and fixed, which of the following activities should be undertaken next?

a) Debugging.
b) Confirmation testing.
c) Regression testing.
d) System testing.
e) Static testing.

A. a and b.
B. b and c.
C. c and d.
D. c and e.

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Q. 248: At what point in the test process should you first consider the test environment required for the project?

A. When writing the test policy.
B. When writing the test strategy.
C. With designing the test cases.
D. When writing the test procedures.

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Q. 249: Which of the following best describes a testing challenge of the application domain of the routers described?

A. Testing that the receivers PC can store emails routed to it.
B. Testing that large organizations can scan incoming files routed to them for viruses.
C. Testing that packets are delivered by the routers in the required timescales.
D. Testing that files can be sent in any language.

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Q. 250: Which of the following is the main purpose of an incident tracking process?

A. To identify the average number of steps required to recreate each incident. B. To calculate the average turnaround times per defect.
C. To identify the priority of each incident.
D. To understand the status of each incident at any given time. 

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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