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Software Testing-Question Bank-Q 81 to 90

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Software Testing-Question Bank: Q. 81 to 90

Q. 81: What is configuration Management?


Configuration Management (or CM) is the processes of controlling, coordinating and tracking the Standards and procedures for managing changes in an evolving software product.


Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Configuration Testing is the process of checking the operation of the software being tested on various types of hardware.


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Q. 82: What is the role of QA in a software producing company?


QA is responsible for managing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the Processes in the Company and enable internal projects towards process maturity and facilitate process improvements and innovations in the organization.


Tester is responsible for carrying out the testing efforts in the company.


In many companies QA person is responsible both the roles of Testing as well as creating and improving the processes.


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Q. 83: What is Fuzz Testing?


Fuzz testing a technique of testing an application by feeding random inputs.


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Q. 84: What is Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)?


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is a systematic approach to risk identification and analysis of identifying possible modes of failure and attempting to prevent their occurrence.


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Q. 85: What is Path Testing?


Path Testing or Path Coverage is a white box method of testing which satisfies the coverage criteria through which the program is tested across each logical path. Usually, paths through the program are grouped into a finite set of classes and one path out of every class is tested.


 In Path Coverage flow of execution takes place from the start of a method to its exit. Path Coverage ensures that we test all decision outcomes independently of one another


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Q. 86: What is Test Maturity Model or TMM?


Test Maturity Model or TMM is a five level staged framework for test process improvement, related to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) that describes the key elements of an effective test process.


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Q. 87: What is Back-To-Back Testing?


Back-To-Back Testing refers to the testing process in which two or more variants of a component or system are executed with the same inputs, the outputs compared, and analyzed in cases of discrepancies.


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Q. 88: What is a Blocked Test Case?


Blocked Test Case refers to the test case, which cannot be executed because the preconditions for its execution are not fulfilled.


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Q. 89: What is the difference between API & ABI?


Application Programming Interface (API) is a formalized set of software calls and routines that can be referenced by an application program in order to access supporting system or network services.


Whereas Application Binary Interface (ABI) is a specification defining requirements for portability of applications in binary forms across different system platforms and environments.


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Q. 90: What is I V & V?


I V & V means Independent Verification and Validation.


Verification typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications. Verification can be done with the help of checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.


Whereas Validation typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed.

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