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Software Testing-Question Bank-Q 61 to 70

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Software Testing-Question Bank: Q. 61 to 70

Q. 61: What are advantages & drawbacks of decision coverage metric of software testing?

Decision coverage has the main advantage of simplicity & is free from many problems of statement coverage.

Disadvantage of decision coverage is that this metric ignores branches within boolean expressions which occur due to short-circuit operators.

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Q. 62: What is multiple condition coverage metric of software testing?

Multiple condition coverage reports whether every possible combination of boolean sub-expressions occurs. 100% multiple condition coverage implies

100% condition determination coverage.

Drawback of this metric is that it becomes tedious to find out the minimum number of test cases required, especially for very complex boolean expressions. Another drawback of this metric is that the number of test cases required can vary to a large extent among various conditions having similar complexity.

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Q. 63: What are advantages & drawbacks of path coverage metric of software testing?

Advantages are:

1) Path coverage requires extremely thorough testing.

Disadvantages are:

1) Since loops introduce an unbounded number of paths, this metric considers only a limited number of looping possibilities.

2) The number of paths is exponential to the number of branches. For example, a function containing 10 if-statements has 1024 paths to test. Adding just one more if-statement doubles the count to 2048.

3) Many paths are impossible to exercise due to relationships of data.

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Q. 64: What is the best sequence of coverage goals as implementation strategy

1) Invoke at least one function in 90% of the source files (or classes).

2) Invoke 90% of the functions.

3) Attain 90% condition/decision coverage in each function.

4) Attain 100% condition/decision coverage.

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Q. 65: What is configuration Management?

Configuration Management is a discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance to: identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a configuration item, control changes to those characteristics, record and report change processing and implementation status, and verify compliance with specified requirements.

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Q. 66: What is "Key Word Driven" or "Test Plan Driven" Method of Testing?

This method uses the actual Test Case document developed by the tester using a spreadsheet containing special "Key-Words".

In this method, the entire process is data-driven, including functionality. The Key Words control the processing.

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Q. 67: Is the tool going to replace the testers any day?

This is not even remotely true. The automated testing tool is just another tool that will allow testers to do their jobs better by:

1) Performing the boring-type test cases that they now have to do over and over again

2) Freeing up some of their time so that they can create better, more effective test cases

The testers are still going to perform tests manually for specific application changes. Some of these tests may be automated afterward for regression testing.

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Q. 68: What is Automated Testing?

"Automated Testing" is automating the manual testing process currently in use. This requires that a formalized "manual testing process" currently exists in your company. "Automated Testing" process includes:

1) Detailed test cases, including predictable "expected results", which have been developed from Business Functional Specifications and Design documentation.

2) A standalone Test Environment, including a Test Database that is restorable to a known constant, such that the test cases are able to be repeated each time there are modifications made to the application.

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Q. 69: What is the purpose of Automated Test Tools?

The real use and purpose of automated test tools is to automate regression testing.

This means that we must have or must develop a database of detailed test cases that are repeatable, and this suite of tests is run every time there is a change to the application to ensure that the change does not produce unintended consequences.

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Q. 70: What is a Traceability Matrix?

Traceability means that we would like to be able to trace back and forth how and where any work product fulfills the directions of the preceding product.

The matrix deals with the where, while the how we have to do ourselves, once we know the where.

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