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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 11 to 20

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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 11 to 20

(Questions, solution or answers of which must be known to each & every Software QA Manager)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 1 to Q 10 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 11: Which of the following is a part of the process for defining requirements?

A. Testing the requirements.
B. Creating the use cases and use-case model.
C. Creating and documenting test requirements.
D. Preparing the vision document.

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Q. 12: When calculating the DRE, a software professional needs to know only when and how many defects were removed. But to calculate either the __________or the Phase DRE (based on availability defects), the software professional must also know the phase in which the defects were injected.

A. Process DRE.
B. In-process DRE.
C. Phase DRE (based on phase defects only).
D. Orthogonal DRE.

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Q. 13: The following type of hacking puts a number of computers under control of the attacker, making them capable of a wide range of coordinated attacks:

A. Rootkit.
B. Botnet.
C. Pharming.
D. Phishing.

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Q. 14: Software professionals currently strive to attain the following level of security, as defined by the orange Book standard:

A. A1
B. B1, B2, or B3
C. C1 or C2
D. D

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Q. 15: Defects found closest to the time they were injected can cost as little as $25 to fix. Estimates of the average cost of defects found in the field vary, but according to Capers Jones average about:

A. $40
B. $400
C. $14,000
D. $140,000

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Q. 16: Versioning tools are used by testers to:

A. Associate each version of a test script with the appropriate build or release.
B. Ensure the test tools they are using are compatible with other products in the suite.
C. Associate defects with requirements within the current release.
D. Ensure that the test environment includes appropriate versions of hardware and software for the current release.

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Q. 17: The metric of CPU utilization is a good effort indicator for:

A. Effectiveness of the test.
B. Systems software.
C. Cross-release compatibility.
D. Decision support systems.

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Q. 18: Maintenance quality is characterized in part by:

A. The average response time of defect removal during a maintenance release.
B. The allocation of resources to the maintenance test effort.
C. The quality of the product, as reported during maintenance.
D. The amount of time spent maintaining unit testing and automated test scripts.

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Q. 19: The following method is the best way to calculate the duration of a test cycle:

A. Calculating the KLOC value.
B. Summing the function points.
C. Breaking down the software application feature by feature.
D. Breaking down the test effort into smaller tasks.

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Q. 20: A software tester is responsible for identifying:

A. Security defects but not usability defects.
B. Security and usability defects, but not localization defects.
C. Functionality and localization defects.
D. Functionality and usability defects, but not security defects.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 1 to Q 10 are as under:

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