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Silk Test Interview Questions-Q 61 to 70

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Silk Test Interview Questions: Q. 61 to 70

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 61: What .OPT file is used for?

.opt file is used to set the options.......

Say in your script you set the option

Agent.SetOption (OPT_WINDOW_TIMEOUT, 5)

Agent.SetOption (OPT_WINDOW_RETRY, 0.06)

Agent.SetOption (OPT_KEYBOARD_DELAY, 0.3)

For few options you can set in your script. If you are going to set more number of options, it is better to set in an .opt file and use that .opt file.

The above example is for Agent option. There are other options e.g. General, Runtime etc which you have to set in the .opt file

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Q. 62: How can

we use more than one browser in SilkTest? How can we use three browsers.?

Use both IE and Netscape simultaneously. You need to make changes in the tag.

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Q. 63: How to write the single silk statement in two lines?

Use Shift+Enter

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Q. 64: How to get contents of a web page? (For Ex: "Yahoo" homepage)

BrowserPage.SetActive ()

Clipboard.SetText ()

BrowserPage.TypeKeys ("")

BrowserPage.TypeKeys ("")

list of string lsText = Clipboard.GetText ( ) // holds the browser page content

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Q. 65: How can we do data driven testing using SilkTest?

1) Create an .xls containing the data required in the script such as username and password for this example

2) In Silk select Workflow -> Data Driven

3) Select Data Driven Test Case (after you create your testcase)

Following the wizard browsing to the .xls file containing your data when prompted.

This creates the DSN automatically for you.

Accept rest of defaults barring you required naming conventions

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Q. 66: How to access script from other machine?

Share the folder containing the script......very simple....

You can run the script from your machine and target may be some other machine using connect ()...

But somebody else cannot access unless you share or try other options...

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Q. 67: How to hide Password in the script file?

In Winrunner, the password is recorded in the encrypted form but in SilkTest it is recorded as it is.

Can't be done right within the script, but if you want to make a work around, you could read it from a file.

If that's not good enough (the password would be stored in the file in plain text too), you could use a tool to encrypt the password and use that tool to decrypt it.

You could then make a call to an external language (Ruby, Perl, Python, etc.) to do the heavy work of encrypting and decrypting the information and pass that through as a variable.

The problem is that whatever method you use to enter the password unencrypted into the login screen can also be used to just write it to a file.

Don't use your own account. Use a dummy, testing account.

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Q. 68: Where do logs get stored for an activity performed in SilkTest?

By default, Silk doesn't create log files, it create a .res files. They are binary files and .log giles are usually text files.

However if you call partner.exe from the command line with the -resextract it will create a copy of the .res file as .txt.

These files are created in the directory where the .t file or .pln file that is executed are located.

Alternately you can use the following command to export the log in text format.

"c:program filesseguesilktestpartner.exe" -complog "c:logs.txt" -resextract -r "C:sample.pln"

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Q. 69: What is the meaning of the Automation framework especially in SilkTest?

Automation Framework is a discipline and should have proper design/architecture.

Automation Framework should have some of the following resources.

1. AUT Specific libraries

2. Tool wrapper function libraries.

3. Execution Engine (Script Execution should be drived based on given test data) - Data Driven

4. Results reporting mechanisms (PASS & FAIL for each testcases/procedures and compiled results for all. It would be better, if it captured AUT's snapshots) 5. Planning for long term automation.

6. Keeping GUI objects info/declarations dynamically or static.

7. Planned approach of unattended execution.

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Q. 70: How to retrieve the decimal part of value stored in float variable? Also how to retrieve the Integer part? Is there a function?

Using following snippet code can do this

[ ] real rVal1=89.822 // Assume your real number is rVal1

[ ] integer iValue = [int]rVal1

[ ] real rVal2= rVal1-iValue

[ ] print(iValue) // Integer part of u r number

[ ] print(rVal2) // Decimal part of u r number

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