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Silk Test Interview Questions-Q 11 to 20

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Silk Test Interview Questions: Q. 11 to 20

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 11: What is a SilkTest Testplan?

The SilkTest testplan is an outline that provides a framework for the software testing process and serves as the point of control for organizing and managing your test requirements.

A testplan consists of two distinct parts: an outline, which is a formatted description of the test requirements, and statements, which are used to connect the testplan to SilkTest scripts and testcases that implement the test requirements.

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Q. 12: What's the best way to create a new test script?

size=2 face=Arial>

In Automation; creating test scripts involves basically two step:

1) Creating Test Data for all test cases.

2) Writing scripts for automating the test cases.

The first step, is the outcome of analysis of what all data is required for all of your testcases to be executed. These all should be collected and scripts to be written so that TEST DATA is ready.

The second steps, is basically the test case execution steps automation.

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Q. 13: How to get button caption?

Either use "sCaption" Property or "GetCaption" Method

Syntax - ControlName.sCaption

or use GetCaption () Method

Syntax - ControlName.GetCaption ()

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Q. 14: How to close one more unexpected browser window? Say for example one more browser window (Order Request) appearing apart from original window (Order Status)

1) If Order Request window is a popup.

Following code closes the active browser window if it is a popup:

[-] !(if Browser.ComboBox("#1").exists())

[ ] Browser.SetActive()

[ ] Browser.typekeys("")

2) If Order Request window is a Browser window.(not a popup)

You can use the following code to close unwanted Browsers(like Order Request)



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Q. 15: What are the types of text lines in a testplan file?

A testplan file contains text lines. There are 5 types of text lines in a testplan file:

1) Comment: Marked in green color: Providing commentary information.

2) Group description: Marked in black color: Providing descriptions for groups of tests. Tests in a Testplan can be grouped into multiple levels of groups.

3) Test description: Marked in blue color: Providing descriptions for individual test.

4) Testplan statement: Marked in dark red color: Providing relations to link scripts, testcases, test data, closed sub testplans or an include file to the Testplan.

5) Open subplan file marker: Marked in magenta color: Providing relations to link sub testplans to be included in a master Testplan.

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Q. 16: What are Testplan attributes?

Testplan attributes are user defined characteristics to be associated with test group descriptions and/or test descriptions.

You search, identify, and/or report test cases based on values of the different attributes.

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Q. 17: What are the default testplan attributes?

SilkTest offers you 3 predefined default attributes:

1) Category: The type of testcase or group of testcases. For example, you can use this attributes to categorize your test groups as "Boundary value tests", "Navagation tests", etc.

2) Component: The name of the application modules to be tested.

3) Developer: The name of the QA engineer assigned to develop the testcase or group of testcases.

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Q. 18: How to define new testplan attributes?

Make sure your test project is open.

Click Testplan/Define Attributes menu. The Define Attributes dialog box shows up. You should see 3 predefined default attributes: Category, Component, and Developer.

Click the New button. The New Attribute dialog box shows up.

Enter a name for your new attribute. For example: "Level" to indicate the complexity level of test cases.

Select an attribute type: Normal, Edit, or Set.

Click OK.

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Q. 19: How to assign attribute values to test cases?

Make sure your testplan is open.

Click on the test case for which you want to assign an attribute value.

Click Testplan/Detail menu. The Testplan Details dialog box shows up.

Click the Test Attribute tab.

Click the Component field. The dropdown list shows up with all values of "Component".

Select one of the values in the dropdown list.

Click OK

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Q. 20: How to create a test frame?

Make sure your Web browser is active and showing your Web application home page. Do not minimize this Web page window.

Make sure your test project is open.

Click File/New menu. The New dialog box shows up.

Select the Test Frame radio button.

Click OK. The New Test Frame dialog box shows up with a list all active Web applications.

Select your Web application.

Enter a test frame name. For example:

Review the window name. It should be the HTML title your Web application. You can rename it, if needed.

Click OK to close the New Test Frame dialog box.

Click File/Save menu.

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