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Quality Center Certification Skill Test-Q. 451 to 460

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Quality Center Certification Skill Test: Q. 451 to 460

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on QC Quality Center 11.0 under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QC Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 441 to Q 450 are as under:

Q. 451: What are the reasons to assign test set folders to a cycle? (Select three,)

A. To review the progress of tests
B. To view the status of tests
C. T determine the number of resolved and outstanding defects
D. To calculate the number of defects that are pending
E. To enhance the reporting granularity
F. To enhance the quality of the reports and graphs


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Q. 452: Which edition is newly added to Quality Center v07

A. Enterprise Edition
B. Starter Edition
C. Premier Edition
D. Center of Excellence Edition

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Q. 453: Which URL should you use to access Quality Center?

A. http://[<:port number>/qcstart

B. http://[<:port number>]/qcbin

C. smtp://[<:port number>]/qcbin

D. http://intranet[<:port number>/qcbin

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Q. 454: Which module enables you to view the instances of tests?

A. Test Resources
B. Test Plan
C. Test Lab
D. Business Components

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Q. 455: What are functions of the Dashboard module? (Select four.)

A. Create standard and Excel reports
B. Export and publish dashboard pages
C. Create dashboard pages
D. Create, view, and manage graphs
E. Create and view defects
F. Generate results
G. Analyze Quality Center data

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Q. 456: Which tool enables you to export data from Quality Center to a Microsoft Word document?

A. Word Document Generator
B. Document Generator
C. Data Exporter
D. Data Export Wizard

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Q. 457: Which type of data from an Excel spreadsheet can be imported Into Quality Center? (Select three.)

A. Requirements
B. Tests
C. Test instances
D. Defects
E. Baseline
F. Test plan

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Q. 458: How can you verify that the Excel add-in is successfully installed?

A. Quality Center-> Tools -> Export to Quality Center
B. Excel Spreadsheet -> Tools -> Export to Quality Center
C. Quality Center -> Tools -> Import to Duality Center
D. Excel Spreadsheet -> Tools -> Import to Quality Center

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Q. 459: What does the term priority refer to?

A. How soon the defect needs to be fixed
B. How quickly you can assign the defect to the developer
C. How soon you can close the defect
D. Which action to take to close the defect

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Q. 460: Using Dashboard, what is the maximum number of graphs per page that you can create by default?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q.441 to Q 450 are as under:

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Q. 441


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Q. 450



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