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Quality Center Certification Skill Test-Q. 461 to 470

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Quality Center Certification Skill Test: Q. 461 to 470

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on QC Quality Center 11.0 under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QC Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 451 to Q 460 are as under:

Q. 461: When creating an Excel report, what is used to extract the data?

A. Data Definition Wizard
B. Structured Data Wizard
C. Data Definition Language
D. Structured Query Language

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Q. 462: What is a cycle?

A. A subset of the new features implemented in an application that has undergone a series of test cycles

B. A set of tests designed for a specific purpose such as new feature functionality, security, and performance

C. A set of development and quality assurance efforts that is performed to achieve a common goal based on the release timeline

D. A version of an application representing a group of changes that is available for distribution to customers at the same time

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Q. 463: What are the advantages of a well-defined requirement? (Select four.)

A. Aids development and testing
B. Establishes guidelines for the Center of Excellence
C. Helps prevent scope creep
D. Sets clear expectations between teams
E. Facilitates reuse of test cases
F. Saves time and money
G. Helps define libraries

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Q. 464: What should you consider while gathering requirements? (Select two.)

A. Customer's expectations
B. Testing processes
C. Business processes
D. Life cycle model
E. Developers expectations

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Q. 465: Which function enables you to associate a requirement with other requirements?

A. Impact Analysis
B. Requirements Traceability
C. Requirements Analysis
D. Functional Complexity

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Q. 466: Which entities can be associated with a requirement?

A. Tests, defects, and non-hierarchical requirements
B. Tests, defects, and linked requirements
C. Cycles, releases, tests, defects, and requirements
D. Releases, business components, tests, defects, and requirements

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Q. 467: What is the purpose of risk-based testing?

A. To calculate the level at which each requirement must be tested

B. To analyze the level at which each requirement must be tested

C. To define the level at which each requirement must be tested

D. To calculate the level at which each instance must be tested

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Q. 468: In which tab can you define traceability links?

A. Impact Analysis
B. Test Coverage
C. Relationships
D. Risk

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Q. 469: What does failure probability determine?

A. The predictability of failure of a test associated with a requirement

B. The complexity of failure of a test associated with a requirement

C. The likelihood of failure of a test associated with a requirement

D. The locality of failure of a test associated with a requirement

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Q. 470: Which Quality Center feature enables you to calculate risks?

A. Risk-based management
B. Analysis requirement management
C. Risk computation management
D. Functional complexity management

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q.451 to Q 460 are as under:

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