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Quality Center Certification Skill Test-Q. 141 to 150

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Quality Center Certification Skill Test:Q. 141 to 150

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP Quality Center 9.2 under the Series

(Quickly Review Your HP - QC Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HP0-M15)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 131 to Q 140 are at the end of this page:

normal">Q. 141: During Requirement Risks calculation, the ________ displays the requirements for which you did not determine a Risk Category or exclude explicitly from the analysis


A. Missing assessment link                   

B. Missing assessment field
C. Missing assessment value    

D. Missing assessment relation


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Q. 142: A good test plan enables you to assess the quality of your application ________ in the testing process.


A. At the beginning       

B. At the end    

C. At the point  

D. At the middle


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Q. 143: Which of the item is not a part of "Developing a test plan" in QC.


A. Design Test Steps                           

B. Design Tests
C. Automate Tests                                

D. Define Testing Policy Settings


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Q. 144: You can access the Test Plan menu bar from the Test Plan module by pressing the shortcut key ________


A. F7               

B. F9               

C. F12             

D. F11


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Q. 145: To find a specific test by Test ID in the Test Grid, choose ________ and enter the test ID


A. Test > Go to Test                             

B. Test > find Test
C. Test > search Test                

D. Test > link Test


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Q. 146: In relation to a test plan module, You can add user-defined fields and change the label of any of the fields in the Test Grid


A. True,                        

B. False


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Q. 147: You can use the ________ to restrict and dynamically change the fields and values in the Test Grid.


A. Text editor               

B. Script editor 

C. Scriptor editor          

D. Scripts editor


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Q. 148: The typical application is too large to test as a whole. The Test Plan module enables you to divide your application according to ________


A. Functionality

B. Requirements           

C. Tst plans                 

D. Test modules


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Q. 149: During the testing process, you may need to modify your test plan. You can update the test plan tree ________

A. At the beginning       

B. At the end                

C. At any time  

D. In the middle


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 150: Developing and editing a test plan tree requires appropriate user ________


A. IDs                          

B. Requirements           

C. Permissions 

D. Passwords


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