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QTP Certification-Review your Skills-Q. 381 to 390

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QTP Certification-Review your Skills:Q. 381 to 390

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on QTP - QuickTest Professional under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QTP Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 371 to Q 380 are at the end of this page:

Q - 381: How can you add recordable or non-recordable operations to your test? (Select three.)

A. Use the Step Generator.
B. Insert through Keyword View.
C. Drag objects from the object repository.
D. Drag objects from the Active Screen.
E. Drag objects from Available Keywords.
F. Drag objects from the Data Table.

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Q - 382: What is a QuickTest Professional test comprised of?

A. Calls to actions
B. Calls to actions (reusable only)
C. Calls to QuickTest Professional tests
D. Calls and copies of actions

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Q - 383: What are the advantages of automated testing? (Select three.)

A. Easier
B. Consistent
C. Reusable
D. Proactive
E. Abstract
F. Productive

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Q - 384: During the planning phase, you decide to create multiple actions that can be combined and reused to achieve testing goals. Which element is critical for identifying the actions to be recorded and how to combine them?

A. Input data
B. Parameters
C. Initial and end conditions
D. Visual cues

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Q - 385: Which QuickTest Professional feature displays the recorded steps in graphical format?

A. Data Table
B. Active Screen
C. Keyword View
D. Expert View

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Q - 386: Which QuickTest Professional features can be customized using the Customize menu command? (Select two.)

A. Menus
B. General options
C. Test Settings
D. Active Screen
E. Toolbars

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Q - 387: In which Options tab can you set the option to minimize the space your stored test will require?

A. Active Screen
B. General
C. Run
D. Environment

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Q - 388: Which Active Screen capture level is the default setting?

A. Complete
B. Limited
C. Partial
D. Minimum

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Q - 389: Which actions can you perform using the Active Screen? (Select two.)

A Modify objects.
B. Insert standard checkpoints.
C. Insert XML checkpoints.
D. Insert transactions.
E. Insert steps.

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Q - 390: You record and save your test on a shared network drive as SampleWebTest. What is created on the shared drive?

A. A file named SampleWebTest.qtp
B. A folder named SampleWebTest
C. A file named SampleWebTest Action1
D. A temporary folder structure

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