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QTP Certification-Review your Skills-Q. 261 to 270

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QTP Certification-Review your Skills:Q. 261 to 270

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on QTP - QuickTest Professional under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QTP Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 251 to Q 260 are at the end of this page:

Q. 261: The _______. enables you to view either the entire test flow (the calls to the actions in the test) or you can view the steps for a selected reusable or external action.

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A. Action Menu

B. Action List               

C. Action Toolbar         

D. Action View

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 262: You can view the ______ of the original action in the General tab of the Action Properties dialog box.

A. Parameters  

B. Location                  

C. Associated Repositories      

D. Type

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Q. 263: You can create an additional call to any reusable or external action in your test by pressing _________ while you drag and drop the action to another location at a parallel (sibling: level within your test.

A. F3                           

B. Alt                           

C. Shift            

D. Ctrl

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 264:You can use action parameters in any step in your action (including function calls).

A. True                         

B. False

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 265: Input values for an action parameter can be retrieved

A. From the test (for a top-level action: 

B. From the parameters of the parent action that calls it (for a nested action:
C. From the output of a previous action call (for a sibling action:
D. All of above

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 266: The Action Call Properties dialog box enables you to set options that apply only to a _______ action call.

A. Following                 

B. Preceeding              

C. Specific                   

D. Internal

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 267: Specifying input and output parameter values in action calls is ________

A. Required                  

B. Optional      

C. Required only for internal action 

D. Both A & B

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 268: You can share a value that is generated in one action with other actions in your test by storing the value in the _________ Data Table.

A. Internal                    

B. External                   

C. Local                       

D. Global

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 269: ExitAction

A. Exits the current action, regardless of its iteration attributes.
B. Exits the current iteration of the action.
C. Exits the test, regardless of its iteration attributes.
D. Exits the current global iteration.

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 270: If the action called by the RunAction statement includes an ExitAction statement, the RunAction statement can return the value of the ExitAction's RetVal argument.

A. True             

B. False


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