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Major Performance Testing Tools

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Some of the Major Performance testing tools are listed in alphabetical order below.

If any one knows any other tool as well, please send details to us, so as to enable us to include the same in this list.

1) BugTimer

Brief Introduction: It is a performance testing tool designed to streamline the entire process of timing and documenting the performance test results into one Application. It is a timer application, which records, displays, saves, sorts, and prints Performance Test results.

2) DB Stress
: From

Brief Introduction: It is a utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves.

This tool allows you to create and configure a continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP (query execution) and OLTP (adding, modifying and deleting data in the database) types. At the same time, the user can flexibly change both the number and the priority of this or that type of requests to a database or an application.

The program is useful for any information system developer or any QA department employee who wants to make sure the product under development can work with a large number of simultaneous connections and concurring queries and transactions. Database administrators can use this utility to evaluate the current performance of servers and to make plans about increasing processing power.

3) Loadea: From

Brief Introduction: It is a new ASP software for stress and load testing which offers to test performance from capturing to analyzing results. It comprises of following 3 modules:

  • Capture module to create a test project, use predefined capture packages / plug ins, model your test as a C# script and organize the data in XML.
  • Control module to define a test and deploy it on several machines: number of virtual users, performance system, monitor test.
  • Analyze module to analyze test using proven mathematical formalism, which helps classify information from test, generate reports, print and export data.

4) LoadRunner: From

Brief Introduction: It is a performance and load testing product by Hewlett-Packard (since it acquired Mercury Interactive in November 2006) for examining system behavior and performance, while generating actual load.

LoadRunner can emulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of real-life user loads, while collecting information from key infrastructure components (Web servers, database servers etc). The results can then be analyzed in detail, to explore the reasons for particular behavior.

5) Monitor Master: From

Brief Introduction: It is a quality management solution for wireless data services - WML/XHTML, SMS and MMS. Monitor Master helps Operators and Content Developers ensure that end-users of wireless applications will have the best quality of experience possible - regardless of the handset being used.

6) IxLoad:

Brief Introduction: It is a "Load Appliance" for running performance testing applications that can emulate millions of users. Its portable and rack-mounted chassis provide a manageable, scalable, repeatable platform that eliminates the need for large numbers of PCs. Massive test results can be displayed in real-time, logged and analyzed with built-in graphical reporting. Emulated protocols include HTTP, SSL, FTP, SMTP, POP3, Streaming / VoIP, IPSEC, PPPoX and others.

7) QACenter Performance Edition:

Brief Introduction: Test your application with QACenter Performance Edition to determine production readiness and you’ll know whether or not you’re ready to go live. This tools help you expose and resolve issues that would otherwise impact application scalability and performance and the ultimate satisfaction of your customers and business partners.

This solution helps you conduct realistic, in-depth and repeatable performance testing on applications throughout the enterprise. With a powerful combination of load testing and resource utilization tools, you will not only identify performance problems quickly but also have the critical information needed to resolve those problems, before customers and business partners are impacted.

Scapa StressTest : From

Brief Introduction: It is a tool for performance testing which tests how well MetaFrame deployments perform under variable load. The tool is highly scalable and can generate in-depth analysis of systems running up to 10's of thousands of users. Available globally through Citrix partners under affordable licensing and support packages, its unique n-Tier Resonance technology quickly provides accurate client-server timings through direct use of the ICA channel.
Its capabilities include: Load & Stress Testing, End-to-End Service Availability and Performance Monitoring, Functional and Regression Testing

9) Shunra / Storm: From

Brief Introduction: Its solutions enable IT professionals to pre-empt application performance problems and avoid downtime. By creating a mirror image of the production network environment in the lab, Its products enable customers to accurately evaluate the functionality and scalability of networked applications - before and after deployment.

10) Silk Performer:

Brief Introduction: It offers a cost-effective, enterprise-class tool for software application performance and load testing, delivering automated software load, stress and performance testing in an open and sharable model.

With this tool, you can create powerful, realistic load tests for thousands of users running business scenarios across a broad range of enterprise application environments to identify bottlenecks, and then apply powerful diagnostics to resolve performance issues. A visual approach to test creation, root-cause analysis wizards and Java & .NET deep diagnostics make it amazingly simple and efficient to use, removing the cost and complexity associated with other enterprise load testing tools that restrict usage to one or, at most, several projects or teams.

11) SSW Performance PRO! 97: From

Brief Introduction: It isolates performance bottle-necks in your Access 97, 2000, 2002 or 2003 app. It checks every form, combo and list box, and reviews SQL statements. It reports exactly what to fix to improve the the speed of your application. It is especially useful after you've upsized an application to SQL Server to pinpoint black spots in your app.

It evaluates the speed of your forms so you can work where it will make a difference. It works whether your backend is Access (mdb) or Microsoft SQL Server. It works whether you have a single/multiple backend(s). It also works for Access Data Projects (adp).

This cool utility analyzes every form, every combo and list box, checks the SQL statements and works out the time of executing these SQL statements - obviously you will get the best results if your Access database is linked to server across the network. After you use the generated reports, you can optimize design of your forms and controls without any worries.

You know you shouldn't have large record sets in your database... Microsoft Access developers too often use forms and combos bound to large tables or slow queries. Let this wizard analyze your front end database and tell you what forms are slow and what controls are the culprits in each form. Now use your development time on the things that really matter. Then re-analyze and see your progress.

12) Vantage:

Brief Introduction: It is a Compuware Integrated suite of application performance management products. Each product deals with a different aspect of the application's performance across the network infrastructure.

13) WinFeedback: From

Brief Introduction: It is a Windows Scripting extension for testing, monitoring and automation purposes. It includes a Developer application that makes it easy to create and test new scripts. The enclosed sample scripts may be used as templates for customized solutions.

It may be used for response timing, up-timing, automated functional testing, stress testing, health monitoring, task automation, input macros etc.

It has an input recording and playback function for automation scripts. The recorder captures user input by keyboard and mouse and generates the corresponding script statements. The playback engine identifies the correct target object in Windows graphical interface and correlates the playback sequence with the needed processing time.

14) XtremeLoad: From

Brief Introduction: XtremeLoad is a software framework for load testing of distributed software systems. It provides an extensible, scalable, and easy-to-use foundation on which you can build a comprehensive and cost-effective load testing solution tailored to your product.

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I came across one more very prevalent performance testing tool recently: SandStorm (

How to ensure right performance testing tool selection?
The success of the performance testing and engineering exercises primarily depends on the selection of a suitable performance testing tool.

It's important to ask certain questions before choosing a performance testing tool:

Does your performance testing tool offer:

- an option to extend the features and perform basic customizations
- integrated resource monitors for complete analysis
- diagnostic plug-ins to identify performance bottlenecks

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