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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 921 to 930

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 921 to 930

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions – Q. 921 to Q. 930


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 911 to Q 920 are at the end of this page:


Arial">Q. 921: According to the ISTQB Glossary, regression testing is required for what purpose?


A. To verify the success of corrective actions.

B. To prevent a task from being incorrectly considered completed.

C.  To ensure that defects have not been introduced by a modification.

D. To motivate better unit testing by the programmers.


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Q.922: Which of the following structure-based test design technique would be most likely to be applied to?


1 Boundaries between mortgage interest rate bands.

2 An invalid transition between two different area’s statuses.

3 The business process flow for mortgage approval.

4 Control flow of the program to calculate repayments.


A. 2, 3 and 4

B. 2 and 4

C. 3 and 4

D. 1, 2 and 3


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Q. 923: Which  test  requires  the  execution  of  the  software  component?

A. Formal  inspection
B. Dynamic  testing
C. Code  walkthrough
D. Execution  testing

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Q.924: What is the purpose of a test completion criterion?


A. to know when a specific test has finished its execution

B. to ensure that the test case specification is complete

C. to set the criteria used in generating test inputs

D. to determine when to stop testing


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Q.925: Maintenance testing is:


A. updating tests when the software has changed

b. testing a released system that has been changed

C. testing by users to ensure that the system meets a business need

D. testing to maintain business advantage


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Q.926: Error guessing is best used:


A. after more formal techniques have been applied

B. as the first approach to deriving test cases

C. by inexperienced testers

D. after the system has gone live


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Q.927: For which of the following test cases does test coverage analysis not assign the highest priority?

A. The ones that cover the most important quality risk

B. The ones that cover the requirements

C. The ones that cover conditions
D. The ones that cover the functions


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Q.928: Consider the following decision table.


Given this decision table on Car Rental, what is the expected result for the following test cases?


Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Over 23?





Clean Driving Record

Don’t Care




On Business?

Don’t Care

Don’t Care





Supply Rental Car?





Premium Charge?





TCI: A 26-year-old on business but with violations or accidents on his driving record

TC2: A 62-year-old tourist with a clean driving record


A. TCI: Don't supply car; TC2: Supply car with premium charge.

B. TCI: Supply car with premium charge; TC2: Supply car with no premium charge.

C.  TCI: Don't supply car; TC2: Supply car with no premium charge.

D. TCI: Supply car with premium charge; TC2: Don't supply car.


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Q.929: Requirement 24.3. A 'Postage Assistant' will calculate the amount of postage due for letters and small packages up to 1 kilogram in weight. The inputs are: the type of item (letter, book or other package) and the weight in grams. Which of the following conform to the required contents of a test case?


A. Test the three types of item to post and three different weights [Req 24.3]


B. Test 1: letter, 10 grams, postage €0.25. Test 2: book, 500 grams, postage €1.00. Test 3: package, 999 gram, postage €2.53 [Req 24.3]


C.  Test 1: letter, 10 grams to Belgium. Test 2: book 500 grams to USA. Test 3: package, 999 grams to South Africa [Req 24.3]


D. Test 1: letter 10 grams, Belgium, postage €0.25. Test 2: package 999 grams to South Africa, postage €2.53


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Q.930: Acceptance testing may occur at more than just a single test level. With the exception of:

A. A COTS software product may be acceptance tested when it is installed or integrated.

B. Acceptance testing of the usability of a component may be done during component testing.

C.  Acceptance testing after a change has been released to the user community.
D. Acceptance testing of a new functional enhancement may come before system testing.

Correct Answer of All above Questions

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