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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 821 to 830

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 821 to 830

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 821 to Q. 830

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 811 to Q 820 are at the end of this page:

Q. 821: Which of the following activities would improve how a tool is deployed within an organization?


a. Roll out the tool across the organisation as quickly as possible to all users.

'Arial','sans-serif'; COLOR: navy">b. Conduct periodic lessons learnt reviews with tool users.

c. Provide technical support to the test team for each type of tool.

d. If a tool is not being used, withdraw it and look for an alternative.

e. Make sure processes are improved to reflect a new tool.


A. a, b and c

B. a, c and d

C. c, d and e

D. b, c and e


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Q. 822: Place the stages of the Fundamental Test Process in the usual order (by time).


a. Test closure activities.

b. Analysis and design.

c. Planning and control.

d. Implementation and execution.

e. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting.
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A. c, b, d, e, a

B. c, b, e, d, a

C. c, b, d, a, e

D. b, c, d, e, a


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Q. 823: If a system has been tested and only a few defects have been found, what can we conclude about the state of the system?


a. The system may be defect free but the testing done cannot guarantee that this is true.

b. The system is defect free and further testing would therefore be a waste of resources.

c. It depends what the system is designed to do.

d. Further testing should be considered but this should be focussed on areas of highest risk because it would not be possible to test everything.

e. Testing should be curtailed because it is yielding no value.


A. a, c and d

B. b, c and d

C. a, d and e

D. b, c and e


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Q. 824: What would USUALLY have a set of input values and execution conditions?

A. Test basis
B. Test case
C. Test objective
D. Test control

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Q. 825: Which of the following defects would NORMALLY be identified by a static analysis tool?


A. The response time for the search function exceeded the agreed limit

B. The design specification had many grammatical errors

C. The component's code had variables that were used but had not been declared

D. The component was found to be the source of the memory leak


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Q. 826: Which of the following statements describe why error guessing is a useful test design technique?


a. It can help derive test cases based on analysis of specification documents.

b. It can identify tests not easily captured by formal techniques.

c. It can make good use of tester's experience and available defect data.

d. It is a cheaper alternative to more formal test design techniques.


A. a and b

B. b and c

C. c and d

D. a and c

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Q. 827: Which of the following activities should be considered before purchasing a tool for an organization?


a. Ensure that the tool does not have a negative impact on existing test processes.

b. Produce a business justification examining both costs and benefits.

c. Determine whether the vendor will continue to provide support for the tool.

d. Introduce tool deployment activities into the testing schedule.


A. a and d

B. b and c

C. c and d

D. a and c


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Q. 828: Consider the following state table:



























Which of the following would result in a change of state to S2 with an action of R6?


A. From state S1, input A

B. From state S2, input B

C. From state S3, input C

D. From state S4, input D


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Q. 829: Which of the following would NOT NORMALLY be considered for a testing role on a project?


A. System operator

B. Developer

C. Configuration manager

D. Performance specialist


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Q. 830: Which one of the following provides the BEST description of test design?


A. Identification of the features which should be tested

B. Specification of the test cases required to test a feature

C. Specification of the order in which test cases should be executed

D. Creation of a test suite

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