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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 691 to 700

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 691 to 700

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions.

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 681 to Q 690 are at the end of this page:

Q. 691: Which of the following metrics would be most useful to monitor during test execution?

A. Percentage of test cases written.
B. Number of test environments remainin to be configured.
C. Number of defects found and fixed.
D. Percentage of requirements for which a test has been written.

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Q. 692: During test execution, the test manager describes the following situation to the project team: '90% of the test cases have been run. 20% of the test cases have identified defects. 127 defects have been found. 112 defects have been fixed and have passed confirmation testing. Of the remaining 15 defects, project management has decided that they do not need to be fixed prior to release.' Which of the following is the most reasonable interpretation of this test status report?

A. The remaining 15 defects should be confirmation tested prior to release.
B. The remaining 10% of test cases should be run prior to release.
C. The system is now ready for release with no further testing or development effort.
D. The programmers should focus their attention on fixing the remaining known defects prior to release.

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Q. 693: In a test summary report, the project's test leader makes the following statement, The payment processing subsystem fails to accept payments from American Express cardholders, which is considered a must-work feature for this release.' This statement is likely to be found in which of the following sections?

A. Evaluation
B. Summary of activities
C. Variances
D. Incident description

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Q. 694: During an early period of test execution, a defect is located, resolved and confirmed as resolved by re-testing, but is seen again later during subsequent test execution. Which of the following is a testing-related aspect of configuration management that is most likely to have broken down?

A. Traceability
B. Confirmation testing
C. Configuration control
D. Test documentation management

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Q. 695: You are working as a tester on a project to develop a point-of-sales system for grocery stores and other similar retail outlets. Which of the following is a product risk for such a project?

A. The arrival of a more-reliable competing product on the market.
B. Delivery of an incomplete test release to the first cycle of system test.
C. An excessively high number of defect fixes fail during re-testing.
D. Failure to accept allowed credit cards.

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Q. 696: A product risk analysis meeting is held during the project planning period. Which of the following determines the level of risk?

A. Difficulty of fixing related problems in code
B. The harm that might result to the user
C. The price for which the software is sold
D. The technical staff in the meeting

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Q. 697: You are writing a test plan using the IEEE 829 template and are currently completing the Risks and Contingencies section. Which of the following is most likely to be listed as a project risk?

A. Unexpected illness of a key team member
B. Excessively slow transaction-processing time
C. Data corruption under network congestion
D. Failure to handle a key use case

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Q. 698: You and the project stakeholders develop a list of product risks and project risks during the planning stage of a project. What else should you do with those lists of risks during test planning?

A. Determine the extent of testing required for the product risks and the mitigation and contingency actions required for the project risks.

B. Obtain the resources needed to completely cover each product risk with tests and transfer responsibility for the project risks to the project manager.

C. Execute sufficient tests for the product risks, based on the likelihood and impact of each product risk and execute mitigation actions for all project risks.

D. No further risk management action is required at the test planning stage.

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Q. 699: According to the ISTQB Glossary, a product risk is related to which of the following?

A. Control of the test project
B. The test object
C. A single test item
D. A potential negative outcome

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Q. 700: In an incident report, the tester makes the following statement, 'At this point, I expect to receive an error message explaining the rejection of this invalid input and asking me to enter a valid input. Instead the system accepts the input, displays an hourglass for between one and five seconds and finally terminates abnormally, giving the message, "Unexpected data type: 15. Click to continue." '

This statement is likely to be found in which of the following sections of an IEEE 829 standard incident report?

A. Summary
B. Impact
C. Item pass/fail criteria
D. Incident description

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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