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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 561 to 570

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 561 to 570

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions.

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 551 to Q 560 are at the end of this page:

Q. 561: Item transmittal report is also known as

A. Incident report
B. Release note
C. Review report
D. Audit report

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Q. 562: COTS is known as

size=2 face=Arial>

A. Commercial off the shelf software
B. Compliance of the software
C. Change control of the software
D. Capable off the shelf software

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Q. 563: Change request should be submitted through development or program management. A change request must be written and should include the following criteria.

I. Definition of the change
II. Documentation to be updated
III. Name of the tester or developer
IV. Dependencies of the change request

A. I, III and IV
B. I, II and III
C. II, III and IV
D. I, II and IV

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Q. 564: Change X requires a higher level of authority than Change Y in which of the following pairs? Change X Change Y

A. Code in development Code in production
B. Specifications during requirements analysis Specifications during systems test
C. Documents requested by the technical development group Documents requested by customers
D. A product distributed to several sites A product with a single user

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Q. 565: Cause effect graphing is related to the standard

A. BS7799
B. BS 7925/2
C. ISO/IEC 926/1
D. ISO/IEC 2382/1

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Q. 566: The primary goal of comparing a user manual with the actual behavior of the running program during system testing is to

A. Find bugs in the program
B. Check the technical accuracy of the document
C. Ensure the ease of use of the document
D. Ensure that the program is the latest version

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Q. 567: During the testing of a module tester X finds a bug and assigned it to developer. But developer rejects the same, saying that its not a bug. What X should do?

A. Report the issue to the test manager and try to settle with the developer.
B. Retest the module and confirm the bug
C. Assign the same bug to another developer
D. Send to the detailed information of the bug encountered and check the reproducibility

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Q. 568: One of the more daunting challenges of managing a test project is that so many dependencies converge at test execution. One missing configuration file or hard ware device can render all your test results meaning less. You can end up with an entire platoon of testers sitting around for days. Who is responsible for this incident?

A. Test managers faults only
B. Test lead faults only
C. Test manager and project manager faults
D. Testers faults only

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Q. 569: You are a tester for testing a large system. The system data model is very large with many attributes and there are a lot of inter dependencies with in the fields. What steps would you use to test the system and also what are the efforts of the test you have taken on the test plan

A. Improve super vision, More reviews of artifacts or program means stage containment of the defects.
B. Extend the test plan so that you can test all the inter dependencies
C. Divide the large system in to small modules and test the functionality
D. Test the interdependencies first, after that check the system as a whole

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Q. 570: Testing of software used to convert data from existing systems for use in replacement systems

A. Data driven testing

B. Migration testing
C. Configuration testing
D. Back to back testing

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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