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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 501 to 510

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 501 to 510

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions.
Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 491 to Q 500 are at the end of this page:

Q. 501: Which of the following statements is MOST OFTEN true?

A. Source-code inspections are often used in component testing.
B. Component testing searches for defects in programs that are separately testable.
C. Component testing is an important part of user acceptance testing.
D. Component testing aims to expose problems in the interactions between software and hardware components.

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Q. 502: Which of the following is an objective of a pilot project for the introduction of a testing tool?

A. Evaluate testers’ competence to use the tool.
B. Complete the testing of a key project.
C. Assess whether the benefits will be achieved at reasonable cost.
D. Discover what the requirements for the tool are.

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Q. 503: What  is  an  informal  test  design  technique  where  a  tester  uses  information  gained  while  testing  to  design  new  and  better  tests?

A. Error  guessing
B. Exploratory  testing
C. Use  case  testing
D. Decision  table  testing

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Q. 504: Which of the following is determined by the level of product risk identified?

A. Extent of testing.
B. Scope for the use of test automation.
C. Size of the test team.
D. Requirement for regression testing.

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Q. 505: When should testing be stopped?

A. When all the planned tests have been run
B. When time has run out
C. When all faults have been fixed correctly
D. It depends on the risks for the system being tested

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Q. 506: Which of following statements is true? Select ALL correct options Regression testing should be performed:

i Once a month
ii When a defect has been fixed
iii When the test environment has changed
iv When the software has changed

A. ii and iv.
B. ii, iii and iv.
C. i, ii and iii.
D. i and iii.

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Q. 507: The following statements are used to describe the basis for creating test cases using either black or white box techniques:

i Information about how the software is constructed.
ii Models of the system, software or components.
iii Analysis of the test basis documentation.
iv Analysis of the internal structure of the components.

Which combination of the statements describes the basis for black box techniques?

A. ii and iii.
B. ii and iv.
C. i and iv.
D. i and iii.

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Q. 508: Which of the following requirements would be tested by a functional system test?

A. The system must be able to perform its functions for an average of 23 hours 50 mins per day.
B. The system must perform adequately for up to 30 users.
C. The system must allow a user to amend the address of a customer.
D. The system must allow 12,000 new customers per year.

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Q. 509: Based  on  the  error  guessing  test  design  technique,  which  of  the  following  will  an experienced  tester  MOST  LIKELY  test  in  calendar  software?

i. First  two  letters  of  the  month, e.g., MA  can  represent  March or  May
ii. First  letter  of the  day, e.g., T can mean  Tuesday  or  Thursday
iii. Leap year
iv. Number  of  days in a  month
v. Three-digit  days and  months

A. i, ii, iv and v
B. iii and iv
C. i, ii, iii and iv
D. i, ii and v

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Q. 510: Which of the following are valid objectives for incident reports?i. Provide developers and other parties with feedback about the problem to enable identification, isolation and correction as necessary.
ii. Provide ideas for test process improvement.
iii. Provide a vehicle for assessing tester competence.
iv. Provide testers with a means of tracking the quality of the system under test.

A. i, ii, iii.
B. i, ii, iv.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. ii, iii, iv.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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