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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 331 to 340

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 331 to 340

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions.

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 321 to Q 330 are at the end of this page:

Q. 331: For software to be reliable it must:

A. Be easy to maintain.
B. Be unlikely to cause a failure.
C. Never fail under any circumstances.
D. Be written according to coding standards

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Q. 332: Which  test  design  techniques  should a  tester  use  to  respectively  achieve  the  following:

(a) Check  the  documented  features  of the  system,
(b) ensure  100 % decision c overage, and
(c) detect  likely  defects  and  distribution?

A. Specification-based, data driven testing, and defect  density  techniques
B. Specification-based, branch  coverage, and  exploratory  techniques
C. Structure-based, equivalence  partitioning, and exploratory  techniques
D. Specification-based, structure-based, and experience-based  techniques

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Q. 333: Faults found by users are due to:

A. Poor quality software
B. Poor software and poor testing
C. Bad luck
D. Insufficient time for testing

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Q. 334: An incident logging system

A. Only records defects
B. Is of limited value
C. Is a valuable source of project information during testing if it contains all incidents
D. Should be used only by the test team.

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Q. 335: The later in the development life cycle a fault is discovered, the more expensive it is to fix. Why?

A. The documentation is poor, so it takes longer to find out what the software is doing.
B. Wages are rising
C. The fault has been built into more documentation,code,tests, etc
D. None of the above

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Q. 336: Which  set  of  test  data  demonstrates  equivalence  partitioning  to  check  whether a customer  is  a  teenager  or not?

A. 10, 15 and 19 years
B. 13, 19 and 25 years
C. 13, 16 and 19 years
D. 12, 13 and 20 years

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Q. 337: Which  technique  if  OFTEN  considered  as  an  extension  of  equivalence  partitioning?

A. Decision  table  testing
B. State  transition  testing
C. Use  case  testing
D. Boundary  value  analysis

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Q. 338: Software testing activities should start

A. As soon as the code is written
B. During the design stage
C. When the requirements have been formally documented
D. As soon as possible in the development life cycle

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Q. 339: A company by the name Software Testing Genius Inc. decides to use functional test execution automation tool for testing GUI of their product. The GUI is expected to change frequently. Software Testing Genius Inc. has put some of the manual testers through a 3-day training program on how to use the tool. Which of the following is likely to be true?

A. Automation is likely to fail because of frequent changes and lack of experience
B. Automation is likely to fail because of GUI automation is not the right way to automate
C. Automation is likely to succeed because automation is very useful for frequent changes
D. Automation is likely to succeed because the team has been trained on tool.

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Q. 340: A test design technique is

A. A process for selecting test cases
B. A process for determining expected outputs
C. A way to measure the quality of software
D. A way to measure in a test plan what has to be done

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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