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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Exam Crash Course Part 19

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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Exam Crash Course Part 19

The following user-friendly questions prepared according to different K-Levels are of great help in reviewing your skills before appearing in ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Certification exam as per the latest syllabus.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 181 to 190)

The Correct Answer option has been Hi-lighted in Yellow.

Q. 181: (Level K1) Tracking project issues in an Agile project is the primary responsibility of the…

A. Tester
B. Project Leader
C. Functional Manager
D. Developer

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Q. 182: (Level K1) When estimating is done for a project, the developers should:

A. Be fully involved in the estimating process
B. Be in total control of the estimating process
C. Be consulted after the Team Leader (Scrum Master) has made the estimates for the team’s work
D. Not make estimates unless velocity is already known


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Q. 183: (Level K1) Which one of the following is an important feature of the daily stand-up / wash up / Scrum meeting?

A. Everyone is expected to stand for the whole time, to keep the meeting short
B. The meeting must be kept short and well structured
C. The meeting should ensure that it is clear to all which team members are not performing
D. No-one is allowed to leave the stand-up meeting until all problems raised have been solved

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Q. 184: (Level K1) What is the Agile approach to doing design early in a project?

A. A big design up front is always a good idea
B. Just enough design up front gives a good foundation to start from and helps to mitigate risk, without wasting unnecessary time
C. No design up front is the best approach as most of the fun of a project is in the discovery of the unexpected
D. The design has no place in an Agile project

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Q. 185: (Level K1) Who should attend the stand-up meetings?

A. Sponsor and Executive Management only
B. Project Manager and Technical Leads only
C. Project Leader and Customer Representatives only
D. The entire team

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Q. 186: (Level K1) Which one of the following statements is correct regarding acceptance of any deliverables on an Agile Project?

A. The team should allow only senior managers to sign off deliverables
B. The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the appropriate stakeholders at least at the end of every timebox/iteration
C. The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the users during a UAT phase at the end of the project
D. Acceptance of any particular deliverable on the project is gained from all stakeholders at the same time.

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Q. 187: (Level K1) During an iteration (sprint) (timebox) the developers should be:

A. Able to contact the customer to clarify aspects of the work
B. Completely uninterrupted by the customer
C. In twice-daily contact with the customer
D. Able to work without needing to disturb the customer

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Q. 188: (Level K1) The reason for holding regular Retrospectives is:

A. It allows the team to take a necessary break from work
B. It gives management information to use in team members’ performance reviews
C. It allows learning which can be used to improve team performance during the project
D. It prevents deviation from the process which the team has been following

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Q. 189: (Level K1) In the popular prioritization technique called “MoSCoW”, the “M” stands for ...

A. May have
B. Major
C. Must Have
D. Mandatory

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Q. 190: Which of the following best represents the Agile approach to planning?

A. Planning is not part of an Agile approach, because Agile is exploratory
B. Planning should be done in detail at the outset of a project and not revisited
C. Planning should involve the whole team, not just the Project Manager
D. Planning should all be done by the Project Manager

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