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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Exam Preparation-Part 2

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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Exam Preparation (Part 2)

Prior to appearing for exam for ISTQB certification, it is wise to quickly brush up your knowledge by reviewing the following testing related terms that are extremely important from examination point of view.

Part 2 of 12

Q. 11: What is RAD?

RAD represents Rapid Application Development, and is a software development process that was developed in the mid 1980’s. It was developed to overcome the rigidity of such processes as ‘The Waterfall Model’.

# Prototyping
# Iterative Development
# Time-boxing
# Team Members

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"># Management Approach
# RAD Tools

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Q. 12: What is DSDM?

DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology) is basically a high level framework of already proven RAD techniques, and also management controls that are used to increase the chances of successful RAD projects.

The high level framework allows for a process that can be easily modified for individual project’s specific needs. But, this quite simple framework also results in poor implementation due to lack of detail.

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Q. 13: What are the Process Interfaces?

As a Tester, your focus will be fixed on the test process. But we must consider other processes that exist, and also their interaction with the test process.

# Project Management
# Change Management
# Configuration Management
# Software Development
# Technical Writing
# Technical Support

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Q. 14: What is Component Testing?

Component testing is also known as Unit, Module, or Program Testing. In simple terms, this type of testing focuses simply on testing of the individual components themselves.

It is common for component testing to be carried out by the Developer of the software. This however has a very low rating of testing independence.

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Q. 15: What is Component Integration Testing?

This type of Integration testing is concerned with ensuring the interactions between the software components at the module level behave as expected. Component Integration Testing is also often referred to as ‘Integration Testing in the Small’.

It is commonly performed after any Component Testing has completed, and the behaviour tested may cover both functional and non-functional aspects of the integrated system.

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Q. 16: What is Requirements Based Functional Testing?

Requirements-based Testing is simply testing the functionality of the software/system based on the requirements. The tests themselves should be derived from the documented requirements and not based on the software code itself. This method of functional testing ensures that the users will be getting what they want, as the requirements document basically specifies what the user has asked for.

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Q. 17: What is Business Process Functional Testing?

Different types of users may use the developed software in different ways. These ways are analyzed and business scenarios are then created. User profiles are often used in Business Process Functional Testing. Remember that all of the functionality should be tested for, not just the most commonly used areas.

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Q. 18: What is Load Testing?

Testing the ability of the system to be able to bear loads. An example would be testing that a system could process a specified amount of transactions within a specified time period. So you are effectively loading the system up to a high level, then ensuring it can still function correctly whilst under this heavy load.

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Q. 19: What is Performance Testing?

A program/system may have requirements to meet certain levels of performance. For a program, this could be the speed of which it can process a given task. For a networking device, it could mean the throughput of network traffic rate. Often, Performance Testing is designed to be negative, i.e. prove that the system does not meet its required level of performance.

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Q. 20: What is Stress Testing?

Stress Testing simply means putting the system under stress. The testing is not normally carried out over a long period, as this would effectively be a form of duration testing. Imagine a system was designed to process a maximum of 1000 transactions in an hour. A stress test would be seeing if the systems could actually cope with that many transactions in a given time period. A useful test in this case would be to see how the system copes when asked to process more than 1000.

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