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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Exam Preparation-Part 3

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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Exam Preparation (Part 3)

Prior to appearing for exam for ISTQB certification, it is wise to quickly brush up your knowledge by reviewing the following testing related terms that are extremely important from examination point of view.

Part 3 of 12

Q. 21: What is Security Testing?

A major requirement in today’s software/systems is security, particularly with the internet revolution. Security testing is focused at finding loopholes in the programs security checks. A common approach is to create test cases based on known problems from a similar program, and test these against the program under test.

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Q. 22: What is Useability Testing?

This is where consideration is taken into account of how the user will use the product. It is common for considerable resources to be spent on defining exactly what the customer requires and simple it is to use the program to achieve there aims. For example; test cases could be created based on the Graphical User Interface, to see how easy it would be to use in relation to a typical customer scenario.

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Q. 23: What is Storage Testing?

This type of testing may focus on the actual memory used by a program or system under certain conditions. Also disk space used by the program/system could also be a factor. These factors may actually come from a requirement, and should be approached from a negative testing point of view.

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Q. 24: What is Volume Testing?

Volume Testing is a form of Systems Testing. It primary focus is to concentrate on testing the systems while subjected to heavy volumes of data. Testing should be approached from a negative point of view to show that the program/system cannot operate correctly when using the volume of data specified in the requirements.

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Q. 25: What is Installability Testing?

A complicated program may also have a complicated installation process. Consideration should be made as to whether the program will be installed by a customer or an installation engineer. Customer installations commonly use some kind of automated installation program. This would obviously have to under go significant testing in itself, as an incorrect installation procedure could render the target machine/system useless.

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Q. 26: What is Documentation Testing?

Documentation in today’s environment can take several forms, as the documentation could be a printed document, an integral help file or even a web page. Depending of the documentation media type, some example areas to focus on could be, spelling, usability, technical accuracy etc.

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Q. 27: What is Recovery Testing?

Recovery Testing is normally carried out by using test cases based on specific requirements. A system may be designed to fail under a given scenario, for example if attacked by a malicious user; the program/system may have been designed to shut down. Recovery testing should focus on how the system handles the failure and how it handles the recovery process.

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Q. 28: What is System Integration Testing?

This type of Integration Testing is concerned with ensuring the interactions between systems behave as expected. It is commonly performed after any Systems Testing has completed. Typically not all systems referenced in the testing are controlled by the developing organization. Some systems maybe controlled by other organizations, but interface directly with the system under test.

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Q. 29: What is UAT?

User Acceptance Testing or ‘UAT’ is commonly the last testing performed on the software product before its actual release. It is common for the customer to perform this type of testing, or at least be partially involved. Often, the testing environment used to perform User Acceptance Testing is based on a model of the customer’s environment. This is done to try and simulate as closely as possible the way in which the software product will actually be used by the customer.

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Q. 30: What is Contract & Regulation Acceptance Testing?

This type of Acceptance Testing is aimed at ensuring the acceptance criteria within the original contract have indeed been met by the developed software. Normally any acceptance criteria is defined when the contract is agreed. Regulation Acceptance Testing is performed when there exists specific regulations that must be adhered to, for example, there may be safety regulations, or legal regulations.

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