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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam-Scenario Based Sample Questions-Q 41 to 50

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam Scenario Based Sample Questions: Q. 41 to 50

Deep study of this set of 53 questions out of which majority of them are scenario based & shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam.

All these questions are based upon the latest ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 41 to 50)

Correct Answers of earlier Q. 31 to 40 are at the end of this page:

Sample Questions in context of ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Exam Syllabus - Chapter 7: Incident Management

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Q. 41: Which of the following is a section included in an IEEE 829-compliant incident report?

A. Test items
B. Procedure steps
C. Location
D. Steps to reproduce

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Q. 42: Which of the following shows the steps of IEEE 1044-compliant incident management in proper order?

A. Recognition, investigation, action, disposition
B. Recognition, action, investigation, disposition
C. Investigation, recognition, action. disposition
D. Recognition, investigation, removal, disposition

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Q. 43: Which of the following is a classification that you would snake for the first time during the investigation step of an IEEE 1044-compliant incident management process?

A. Suspected cause
B. Source
C. Resolution
D. Disposition


Assume you are a test analyst working on a banking project to upgrade an exist-automated teller machine system to allow customers to obtain cash advances from supported credit cards. The requirements specification contains following paragraph:

The system shall allow cash advances from 20 dollars to 500 dollars, inclusively, for all supported credit cards. The correct list of supported credit cards is American Express, Visa, Japan Credit Bank, Eurocard, and MasterCard.

You are reviewing an incident report written by one of your peers. The step to reproduce section of the report contains the following statement:

1. Inserted an American Express card into the ATM.
2. Properly authenticated a test account with $1,000 available cash advance balance.
3. Attempted to withdraw $20 from the account.
4. Error message "Amount requested exceeds available funds" appeared
5. Reproduced this failure with two other accounts that also had sufficient available credit to cover a $20 withdrawal.
6. Verified that the ATM itself had sufficient cash to service the request.
7. Problem did not occur with Visa, Japan Credit Bank, Eurocard, or MasterCard.

Q. 44: Assume the defect report is currently in a new state, indicating it needs a review. Relying on the information given in this scenario and assuming that your organization follows an IEEE 1044 compliant lifecycle, which of the following statements best describes what should happen neat to this report?

A. Move it to an invalid state because it does not describe a valid defect
B. Move it to a defer state because it does not describe an important defect.
C. Move it to an open state for prioritization by project stakeholders.
D. Move it to a build state so that the tester will check the fix.

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Q. 45: Assume the defect report is currently in a new state indicating it needs a review. Also assume that your organization follows an IEEE 1044 compliant incident-classification scheme. Rely on the information given in this scenario. Which of the following IEEE 1044 classification fields cannot yet be classified?

A. Suspected Cause
B. Actual Cause
C. Repeatability
D. Symptom

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ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Exam - Chapter 8: Standards & Test Process Improvement Applicable only for Test Managers

Sample Questions in context of ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Exam Syllabus - Chapter 9:
Test Techniques

Q. 46: Your organization has hired a new CIO clue to several poor releases in the last year. The CIO came from a highly successful software house and wants to make immediate changes to the processes currently being used at your company. The first process change to come down is a hard-and-fast rule that all code must be run through a static analysis tool and all errors and warnings corrected before system test is complete. As the lead technical test analyst for the current project, which of the following options do you think best describes the explanation you should give to the CIO about why this new rule is a bad idea?

A. Your staff has no training on these tools.
B. There is no budget for buying or training on these tools.
C. Changing existing, working code based on warnings from static analysis tools is not wise.
D. Given the current work load, the testers do not have time to per-form static testing.

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Q. 47: You flagship system has been experiencing some catastrophic failures in production. These do not occur often; sometimes a month can go between failures. Unfortunately, to this point the test staff and support staff has not been able to re-create the failures. Investigating the issue, you have not found any proof that specific configurations have caused these problems; failures have occurred in almost all of the configurations. Which of the following types of testing do you believe would have the most likely chance of being able to solve this problem?

A. Soak-type performance testing
B. Keyword-driven automated testing
C. Static analysis
D. Dynamic analysis

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Q. 48: Which of the following points of information about your organization would tend to make keyword-driven automation a desirable automation method rather than a straight data-driven methodology?

A. Almost all of the testers on your test team have backgrounds in programming.
B. The systems you are testing have radical interface changes at least three times a year.
C. Most of your testers came from the user or business community.
D. Your organization has a limited budget for purchasing tools.

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Q.49: You are in the analysis and design phase of your performance testing project. You have evaluated the production and test environments. You have created the data to be used and built and parameterized the scripts. You have set up all of the monitoring applications and notified the appropriate support personnel so they are ready to troubleshoot problems. Which of the following tasks, had it not been done, would surely invalidate all of your testing?

A. Ensured that the test environment is identical to the production environment
B. Modeled the system to learn how it's actually used
C. Purchased or rented enough virtual user licenses to match peak usage
D. Brought in experienced performance testers to train all of the participants

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Q. 50: You are senior technical test analyst for a test organization that is rapidly falling behind the curve, each release, you are less able to perform all of the testing tasks needed by your project. You have very little budget for tools or people, and the timeframe for the project is about to be shortened. The testers in the group tend to have very little in the way of technical skills. Currently, 100 percent of your testing is manual, with about 15 percent of that being regression testing. Which of the following decisions might help you catch up to the curve?

A. Allow the testers to use open-source tools to pick low-hanging fruit
B. Put a full automation project into place and try to automate all testing
C. Find an inexpensive requirements/test management tool to roll out
D. Build your own automation tool so it does not cost anything

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