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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam-Scenario Based Sample Questions-Q 31 to 40

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam Scenario Based Sample Questions: Q. 31 to 40

Deep study of this set of 53 questions out of which majority of them are scenario based & shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam.

All these questions are based upon the latest ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 31 to 40)

Correct Answers of earlier Q. 21 to 30 are at the end of this page:

Q. 31: You are new to the organization and have been placed in a technical testing role. You're asked to investigate a number of complaints from customers who have made mistakes using the system in

place that were not predicted. You have been tasked with trying to find a way of avoiding these kinds of errors in the future. Which of the following artifacts are you not liable to use while performing this task?

A. Heuristic evaluation

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Q. 32: Since releasing the latest version two weeks ago, your software system has been broken into at least 10 different times. So far no important customer data has been stolen, but it is only a matter of time. You have lien tasked with determining as quickly as possible if there are more vulnerabilities so a quick patch can be sent out. Which of the following test design techniques would most likely give you the information you need?

B. Failure-based taxonomy
C. Chartered exploratory testing
D. Software attacks

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Q. 33: Non-functional testing has never been done at your organization, but your new director of quality has decided that it will be done in the future. And, she wants metrics to show that the system is getting better. One metric you are calculating is based on a period of testing that occurred last week. You are measuring; the time that the system was actually working correctly com-pared to the time that it was automatically repairing itself after a failure. Which of the following metrics are you actually measuring?

B. Mean down time
C. Mean recovery time
D. Availability

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Q. 34: Non-functional testing has never been clone at your organization, but your new director of duality has decided that it will be done in the future. And, she wants metrics to show that the system is getting better. You find out that marketing has put it new claim into the literature for the system, saying that the software will work on Windows 95 through Win 7.

For which of the following non-functional attributes would you most likely be interested in testing and collecting metrics?

A. Adaptability
B. Portability compliance
C. Coexistence
D. Stability

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Q. 35: You are doing performance testing for the system your company sells. You have been running the system for over a week straight, pumping huge volumes of data through it.

What kind of testing are you most likely performing?

A. Stress testing
B. Soak testing
C. Resource utilization testing
D. Spike testing

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Q. 36: Rather than developing; all of your own software from the ground up, your management team has decided to use available COTS packages in addition to new code for an upcoming project. You have been given the task of testing the entire system with a view to making sure that your organization retains its independence from the COTS suppliers.

Which of the following non-functional attributes would you most likely investigate?

A. Replaceability
B. Portability compliance
C. Coexistence
D. Adaptability

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Sample Questions in context of ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Exam Syllabus - Chapter 6: Reviews

Walk-Through Scenario:

Assume you are building an online application that allows for the secure transfer of encrypted financial data between banks, stock and bond trading companies, insurance companies, and other similar companies. This system will use public key infrastructure, and users will post their public keys on the system. The users' private keys will be used by a thin client-side applet to decrypt the information on their local systems.

Q. 37: During preparation for a design specification walk-through, you notice the following statement, a 10 MBPS or better network connection using TCP/IP provides the interface between the database server and the application server. Suppose the system under test will need to transfer data blocks of up to 1 gigabyte in size in less, than a minute. Which of the following statements best describes the likely consequences of this situation?

A. The system will suffer from usability problems.
B. The system will suffer from performance problems
C. The system will suffer from maintainability problems.
D. This situation does not indicate any likely problems.

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Q. 38: During preparation for n code inspection, you notice the following header in a member function for the object ubcd:

/*PURPOSE: Provides unsigned binary coded decimal integers,

* via a class of unsigned integers of almost
* unlimited precision. It can store a little over
* 4 billion 8 bit bytes, with each byte representing
* an unsigned pair of decimal digits. One digit is
* in each nibble (half-byte).

Which of the following statements best describes why a programmer for a financial application would need to use such a binary coded decimal representation for data?

A. This approach ensures fast performance of calculations.
B. This approach indicates a serious design defect.
C. This approach maximizes memory resource efficiency.
D. This approach preserves accuracy of calculations.

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Q. 39: During preparation for a peer review of the requirements specification, you notice the following statement:

The system shall support transactions in all major currencies. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The statement is ambiguous in terms of supported currencies.
B. The statement indicates potential performance problems.
C. The statement provides clear transaction limits.
D. The statement indicates potential usability problems.

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Q. 40: During the project, your manager schedules a private interview between you and a person from an international accounting firm. This person asks you some questions about the processes used to design, implement, and test the system.

What process is this interview most likely part of?

A. Management review
B. Process inspection
C. Regulatory audit
D. Project walk-through

Correct Answers of the above Questions

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