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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test-Q 11 to 20

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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test: Q. 11 to 20

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on RFT Rational Functional Tester for Java under the Series

(Quickly Review your skills before appearing for RFT Certification Exam IBM 000-842)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 1 to Q 10 are at the end of this page:

Q. 11: While recording a script, the recording monitor _____.

A. Appears at the conclusion of recording
B. Is only displayed on the toolbar
C. Does not appear
D. Displays a message for each action

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color=#000080 size=2 face=Arial>Q. 12: Given the following:

A Script named BuyCD has been created.

A Helper Superclass named HelperSuper1 has been created.

A Helper Superclass named HelperSuper2 has been created.

Which of the following are valid Functional Tester script class inheritance hierarchies?
(Choose two.)

Note: Inherits from is expressed by the symbol ?

A. BuyCD -> BuyCDHelper -> RationalTestScript
B. BuyCD -> HelperSuper1 -> RationalTestScript
C. Helper1 -> RationalTestScript -> BuyCD
D. BuyCD -> HelperSuper1 -> HelperSuper2 -> RationalTestScript

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Q. 13: What must you do before editing the datapool using an external application?

A. Make it a public datapool
B. Make it a private datapool
C. Export it to a .csv file
D. Import it from a .csv file

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Q. 14: Which Java method advances the datapool cursor to the next row in the datapool?

A. dpMoveNext()
B. dpMoveCursor()
C. dpNext()
D. dpNextRow()

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Q. 15: A script needs to perform an action on an object. One of the recognition properties of the object is the .url property. The URL is dynamic. At recording time, the URL was

However, it can vary every time the script is played back. In particular, the portion of the .url property that is subject to change is the digits that appears after the dash.

Which regular expression will match the value of the .url property regardless of the numer of digits between the - and the .?

Note: The regular expression should NOT match the .url property if no digits appear after the dash (as in

A. www-*
B. www-{num}?
C. www-{num}
D. www-[0-9]*
E. www-[0-9]

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Q. 16: What can be tested when recording a verification point?

A. An objects data only
B. An objects data or properties only
C. Whether or not the object is working
D. An objects data, properties, or existence

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Q. 17: Which branches under Preferences contain specific settings to enable the ClearCase integration?

A. Workbench and Test
B. Functional Test and Run/Debug
C. Workbench and Team
D. Plug-in Development and Functional Test

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Q. 18: If a test fails because the tester has updated the test data, what should the tester do to prevent continued failures?

A. Re-record the test
B. Use the comparator and update the baseline data
C. Nothing, because the test is supposed to fail
D. Change the test data

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Q. 19: Which regular expression offers a successful way to ensure the order number is a 1 to 3-digit number in the following format? Your order number is 125.

A. Your order number is [0-9]{3}.
B. Your order number is [0-9]{3}.
C. Your order number is [0-9]{1,3}.
D. Your order number is [0-9]{1,3}.

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Q. 20: How do you stop recording?

A. Click the Stop Recording button on the recording toolbar
B. End the application under test
C. Close RFT
D. Close the recording monitor

Correct Answer to the above Questions

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