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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test-Q 21 to 30

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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test: Q. 21 to 30

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on RFT Rational Functional Tester for Java under the Series

(Quickly Review your skills before appearing for RFT Certification Exam IBM 000-842)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 11 to Q 20 are at the end of this page:

Q. 21: What must you do to view a comparator of a failed verification point from an RFT text log?

A. Open a web browser and browse to open the file: .rftvd for the verification point you want to view

B. Right-click on the test log and select Failed Verification Points from the right-click menu, then select the verification point you want to view

C. Open the test log, right-click on the verification point line you want to view and select View Results from the right-click menu

D. Log results in another format since you cannot

open a comparator from a text log

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Q. 22: Which objects can be tested with a State verification point?

A. A combo box and a list box
B. A label and a text box
C. A table and a tree view
D. A checkbox and a toggle button

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Q. 23: What will the following CallScript do? CallScript (myScript, null, DP_ALL)

A. Cause the script to run an infinite number of times
B. Cause the script to iterate through the entire datapool
C. Cause the script to run through 100 datapool values
D. Cause myScript to always pass

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Q. 24: Given the following code snippet:


Assuming that no changes have been made to the Functional Tester default playback settings, which two statements will cause Functional Tester to wait for 60 seconds for the OK button to appear? (Choose two.)

A. setOption(IOptionName.MAXIMUM_FIND_OBJECT_TIME, 60.0)

B. setOption(IOptionName.MAXIMUM_WAIT_FOR_EXISTENCE, 60.0)

C. setOption(IOptionName.TIME_MULTIPLIER, .5)

D. setOption(IOptionName.TIME_MULTIPLIER, 2.0)

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Q. 25: What are the default values for retry interval and maximum retry time?

A. 2 second retry interval, 20 seconds maximum retry time
B. 5 second retry interval, 30 seconds maximum retry time
C. 1 second retry interval, 5 seconds maximum retry time
D. 3 second retry interval, 15 seconds maximum retry time

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Q. 26: Where do you set the option for switching to Test Debug perspective when debugging?

A. Preferences > Functional Test > Workbench > Advanced
B. Preferences > Java > Debug
C. Preferences > Run/Debug > Console
D. Preferences > Test

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Q. 27: The tester resets their test environment and sets the playback environment. What is the tester ready to do?

A. Record the test
B. Set recording options
C. View and analyze the results
D. Play back the script

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Q. 28: In which situation is it best to use the Browser Enablement Diagnostic tool?

A. When the web browser does not launch when invoked through Functional Tester

B. When testers are trying to determine if their web browsers are compatible with Functional Tester

C. When Functional Tester is in the recording process and no HTML objects are being recognized

D. When Functional Tester is not able to launch the viewlet comparator on the HTML log

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Q. 29: Out of the box, what are the different options for logging RFT tests?

A. HTML, text, custom, TestManager, and none
B. HTML, text, TPTP, TestManager, and none
C. TestManager, CQTM, TPTP, HTML, and none
D. HTML, PDF, text, TestManager, and none

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Q. 30: When is the best time to use data-driven testing?

A. When the test only needs to be run once
B. When the test steps change based on the test input data
C. When the test must be run multiple times with different data
D. When the test requires a lot of manual data entry

Correct Answer to the above Questions

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