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HP Vugen 11X Certification Exam Skill Test Q 111 to 120

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HP Vugen 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 111 to 120

Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP Virtual Users Generator 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M49

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP VuGen 11.X under the Series

(Quickly Review Your VuGen Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M49)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 101 to Q 110 are at the end of the page:

Q. 111; What is the best way to use an action from an existing script in a new script?  

A. You record the action again in the new script.
B. You copy the code from the existing script action to the

new script.
C. You run both Vusers in the scenario with only the relevant actions listed.
D. You import the action into a script directly from the pre-existing script.

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Q. 112; Where should you add a web_reg_save_param function to a script?  

A. In the global.h section
B. Before the step that contains the dynamic value
C. Before the step that generates a response from the server containing the value
D. At the beginning of the action section that contains the dynamic value

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Q. 113; When is correlation used? 

A. When a recorded script includes a dynamic value (such as a session ID) and cannot replay
B. When you want to take a value and turn it into a variable in order to make your script more realistic
C. When you want to input different users' credentials in your script
D. When you want to check the presence of a string in a response to validate script results

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Q. 114; What is the main purpose of inserting Rendezvous points?  

A. To synchronize Vusers with server timestamps
B. To synchronize Vusers to simultaneously perform a task
C. To stop all Vusers when an error occurs
D. To initialize Vusers with a schedule

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Q. 115; Which formats contain valid VuGen built-in DFEs?  

A. Base64, Base 32, XMI
B. JSON, XML, Base64

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Q. 116; A script needs to run a specific Web URL request 10 times. Which C function should be used?  

A. loop
B. for
C. next
D. until
E. for each

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Q. 117; VuGen automatically inserts the web_set_user function for which authentication type(s)?  

A. Basic only

B. NTLM only
C. Digest only
D. Basic and NTML
E. NTML and Digest
F. Basic and Digest

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Q. 118; You are asked to generate a string value that will be unique for every user for a given scenario execution. You are running the test in HP LoadRunner Controller. Which minimum set of values provided by lr_whoami provides a unique string value for every user, even if you have multiple groups? 

A. int *vuser_id, int *scid //userid and scenario id
B. int *user_id, char **sgroup, int *scid //user id and group name and scenario id
C. int *vuser_id, char **sgroup //user id and group name
D. int *user_id, char **sgroup //user id and group name
E. int *vuser_id // user id

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Q. 119; You add the logic lr_message("the message"); to your script but you do not see any messages in the Output window while running the scenario in the Controller. What should you do?  

A. Add the code lr_start_messages(1); before the lr_message("the message"); 

B. Change the logging options in the Controller's Run-time Settings from "only when an error occurs" to "Always Send" and "Standard Log." 

C. Add the code lr_set_debug_message(LR_MSG_CLASS_EXTENDED_LOG |LR_MSG_CLASS_FULL_TRACE, LR_SWITCH_ON ); to the line before the lr_message("the message"); 

D. Highlight the script in the Controller, click Details, and click Refresh Log Options.

E.Because only 10% of the messages are logged, wait for the test to run longer.

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Q. 120; You are tasked with building a Web script. Upon replay, one URL sometimes throws a 404 error that results in the script execution stopping. You want to continue running the script when this 404 occurs because it is not critical to the test. Which command allows you to ignore this failure and continue the script execution? 

A. lr_continue_on_failure(1);
B. lr_failure_continue(1);
C. lr_continue_on_error(1);
D. lr_error_continue(1);

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