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HP Vugen 11X Certification Exam Skill Test Q 121 to 130

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HP Vugen 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 121 to 130

Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP Virtual Users Generator 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M49

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP VuGen 11.X under the Series

(Quickly Review Your VuGen Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M49)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 111 to Q 120 are at the end of the page:

Q. 121; You have just completed an advanced script that must get a real-time security encryption key for a login function. The security encryption key is obtained by loading a custom DLL using rc=lr_load_dll("SecureAcces.dll") and then calling a custom function. The login logic works on the

Controller where you are developing the VuGen script, but when replaying on remote Load Generators, the script fails with error code rc=11. How can you fix this error 11?

(Select two.) 

A. The full path should have been specified. You change the command to lr_load_dll("c:tempSecureAcces.dll"); 

B. In the Controller, you select the script on the Design tab, then click the buttons Details, More, Files, Add and add the DLL c:tempSecureAcces.dll. 

C. In the VuGen Run-time Settings, you select Additional attributes and click Add, then you select the DLL c:tempSecureAcces.dll so it can be found by all machines. 

D. The DLL name was misspelled. You correct the error and rerun the scenario.

E. You add the DLL c:tempSecureAces.dll using VuGen menu File > Add Files to Script.

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Q. 122; What does the lr_advance_param command do?  

A. Advances all data rows between iterations
B. Immediately advances the current data row for the all columns in a data table
C. Advances a given column's data row for only one column between iterations
D. Immediately advances the current data row for only one column in a data table

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Q. 123; You are calling a custom function in a script you have written. The custom function takes an integer and is of the format myfunc(int); The HP LoadRunner parameter is called param_quantity. What should you use to call this custom function and pass your param_quantity value to it?  

A. myfunc(({param_quantity}").getInt))
B. myfunc( atoi ( lr_eval_string("{param_quantity}")))
C. myfunc("{param_quantity}")
D. myfunc(lr_string_int("{param_quantity}"))
E. myfunc((integer) lr_eval_string({"param_quantity}"))

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Q. 124; Which Analysis feature under Options is useful to limit the analysis to only a portion of the entire load test duration?  

A. General: Date format
B. Analyze Transaction Settings: Errors
C. Result Collection: Data Time Range
D. Result Collection: Data Aggregation

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Q. 125; Which Analysis graph identifies web pages that take the most time; isolates where time is spent; and helps in identifying DNS resolution, SSL, and connection issues?  

A. Network Delay Time
B. Windows Resource
C. Time to First Buffer Breakdown
D. Page Download Time Breakdown

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Q. 126; When can you view the RunTime view/tab of the script parameter data being used in a parameter?  

A. During script replay/runtime only
B. During saving of a script
C. During compilation of a script
D. During execution of a script via the controller

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Q. 127; Which function is added to the script when inserting a text check during recording using the recording toolbar? 

A. web_reg_save_param
B. web_reg_find
C. web_reg_add_cookie
D. web_reg_dialog

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Q. 128; Which default actions are provided by VuGen? (Select three.) 

A. vuser_init
B. vuser_run
C. vuser_pause
D. action
E. vuser_pass
F. vuser_end
G. vuser_pending

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Q. 129; Percentage weighting for blocks in Run Logic on Run-time Settings exists for which blocks? 

A. Only blocks running in sequential
B. Only blocks running in random
C. Locks running in random or sequential
D. Blocks running unique

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Q. 130; Consider a business process with login, business logic and logout. Login and logout need to be iterated only once while business logic will be iterated many times. What is the correct way to record in terms of actions in the script? 

A. Record the entire business process in action
B. Record the entire business process in vuser_init
C. Record login logic in vuser_init, business logic in action, logout logic in vuser_end
D. Record the entire business process in vuser_end

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Correct Answers to Above Questions - Q.121 to Q 130 are as under:

Question No.

Correct Answer

Q. 121


Q. 122


Q. 123


Q. 124


Q. 125


Q. 126


Q. 127


Q. 128


Q. 129


Q. 130


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q.111 to Q 120 are as under:

Question No.

Correct Answer

Q. 111


Q. 112


Q. 113


Q. 114


Q. 115


Q. 116


Q. 117


Q. 118


Q. 119


Q. 120



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