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HP QTP Question Bank-Q 211 to 220

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HP QTP Question Bank: Q. 211 to 220

Q. 211: A synchronization step instructs QTP to wait for a state of a property of an object before proceeding to the next recorded step. Synchronization steps are activated only during recording. (True or False)


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Q. 212: Manually verifying that an order number was generated by an application and displayed on the GUI is automated in QTP using what feature?

A Checkpoint

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Q. 213: QTP can automate verification which are not visible on the application under test interface. (True or False)


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Q. 214: What is the Checkpoint Timeout Value?

A checkpoint timeout value specifies the time interval (in seconds) during which QTP attempts to perform the checkpoint successfully. QTP continues to perform the checkpoint until it passes or until the timeout occurs. If the checkpoint does not pass before the timeout occurs, the checkpoint fails.

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Q. 215: You can modify the name of a checkpoint for better readability. (True or False)


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Q. 216: Define a regular expression for the following range of values:

a. Verify that the values begin with Afx3 followed by 3 random digits Afx3459, Afx3712, Afx3165

b. Verify that a five-digit value is included in the string Status code 78923 approved

a. Afx3d{3}

b. Status code d{5} approved

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Q. 217: Write the letter of the type of parameter that best corresponds to the requirement:

a. An order number has to be retrieved from the window and saved into a file for each test run.

b. A value between 12 to 22 is entered in no particular order for every test run.

c. Every iteration of the test should select a new city from a list item

A. Environment parameter

B. Input parameter

C. Component parameter

D. Output parameter

E. Random parameter

D, E, B

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Q. 218: This is the Data Table that contains values retrieved from the application under test. You can view the captured values after the test run, from the Test Results. What do you call this data table?

Run-Time Data table

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Q. 219: Name and describe each of the four types of trigger events

A pop up window appears in an opened application during the test run.

A property of an object changes its state or value.

A step in the test does not run successfully.

An open application fails during the test run.

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Q. 220: Explain initial and end conditions.

Initial and end conditions refer to starting and end points of a test that allows the test to iterate from the same location, and with the same set up every time (e.g. all fields are blank, the test starts at the main menu page)..

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