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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank-Q 61 to 70

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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank: Q. 61 to 70

Learn "Controller" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 61: How Analysis module of LoadRunner interacts with the results files?

When analysis graphs and reports are generated, the Analysis module of LoadRunner copies all the scenario result files to a database.

Then the Analysis module directly interacts with the database and does not require the individual result files.

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Q. 62: What are the benefits of saving scenarios in a Quality Center Project?

When Controller module of LoadRunner is connected to a Quality Center project, we can create a new scenario in the Controller and save it

directly to the Quality Center project.

This helps us in keeping a track of all scenarios created for each subject and allows monitoring the progress of test planning and creation.

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Q. 63: How can we test the functionality of an application under heavy load using LoadRunner?

LoadRunner integrates functional testing scripts created by Functional testing Tools like QTP or WinRunner. These scripts in the form of GUI Vuser scripts integrate into the scenarios of LoadRunner.

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Q. 64: What are the benefits of running functional test scripts in LoadRunner?

1) To see how the functionality of the application gets affected under the heavy load.

2) To measure the end-to-end response time experienced by a typical user on the client side while the application is under load.

3) By including QTP test scripts at specific points in a LoadRunner scenario we can confirm that the functionality of our application does not get affected by the extra load at these sensitive points.

4) When a GUI Vuser script runs on our screen during the LoadRunner scenario, we can watch the actual steps executed by the Vuser in a real time.

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Q. 65: What is a GUI Vuser?

A GUI Vuser emulates the complete environment of a human user. GUI Vusers enable us to measure and monitor end-to-end user response times while our client/server system is under load.

A GUI Vuser can be programmed to read and act on information that appears on its machine’s display. All actions of every GUI Vuser are described in a GUI Vuser script generally created in QTP or WinRunner.

GUI Vusers are monitored and managed through the Controller module of LoadRunner.

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Q. 66: Can we use VuGen module of LoadRunner to run a GUI Vuser script?

We cannot use VuGen to run a GUI Vuser script.

We use the Controller module of LoadRunner to run a GUI Vuser script as part of a scenario. Whereas we use QTP or WinRunner to run a GUI Vuser script in the standalone mode.

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Q. 67: What is End-to-end response time in relation to GUI Vuser Technology?

End-to-end response time means the total time that a user waits for a response after submitting a request. GUI Vusers measure real end-to-end response times. End-to-end response times include GUI response times plus network and server response times.

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Q. 68: What are the special design constraints with QTP Tests while adopting in LoadRunner?

1) Only simple QTP tests should be adopted for use in LoadRunner & should be designed to pinpoint specific operations.

2) LoadRunner cannot run nested action iterations.

3) Do not include references to external actions or other external resources, like an external Data Table file, environment variable file, shared object repositories etc.

4) Include transactions in QTP test since LoadRunner only provides performance information for data that is included within a transaction.

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Q. 69: How do we define transactions within our Vuser script?

Transactions are defined as an action or a set of desired actions to measure the performance of a server.

We define transactions within our Vuser script by enclosing the appropriate sections of the script with start and end transaction statements. For example, we can define a transaction, which measures the time it takes for the server to process a request to view the balance of an account and for the information to be displayed at the ATM.

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Q. 70: For use in LoadRunner, which statements are manually added to basic Vuser script recorded in WinRunner?

Since LoadRunner provides performance-related information only for the data included within a transaction. Hence WinRunner test scripts are manually edited to include transactions needed to be used by LoadRunner. Thus following statements are manually inserted into WinRunner test scripts :

1) Transaction statements to measure the performance of the server.

2) Rendezvous statements to emulate a specific user load.

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