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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank-Q 51 to 60

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HP LoadRunner Questions Bank: Q. 51 to 60

Learn "Controller" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 51: What type of status related Rendezvous Information is available to us during creation of a scenario?

Following Rendezvous Information is available to us for viewing & necessary modifications:

1) Current Status: The number of Vusers that arrived at the rendezvous point out of the total number of Vusers assigned to the rendezvous.

2) Time: The time at which the Vusers at the rendezvous point were released.

3) Reason: The reason the

Vusers at the rendezvous point were released. The possible reasons are Timeout or Arrived.

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Q. 52: Out of Individual Load Generator settings & Global Settings, which ones come into effect?

When the global scenario settings differ from those of an individual load generator, the load generator settings override them.

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Q. 53: What is the use of LoadRunner Expert mode?

We can configure additional settings for the LoadRunner agent and other LoadRunner components with the help of LoadRunner Expert mode.

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Q. 54: How LoadRunner takes care of timeout value requirements in case of large number of Vusers?

LoadRunner automatically understands the fact that the number of active Vusers has a significant effect on the timeout values.

For example, 1000 Vusers trying to initialize will take much longer than 10 Vusers. Taking care of this, LoadRunner automatically adds an internal value, based on the number of active Vusers, to the timeout value specified by us.

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Q. 55: While running a scenario, the run-time files are stored at which location by default?

While we run a scenario, by default the run-time files get stored locally on each load generator machine running the Vuser script.

The default location of the files is under the temporary directory specified by the load generator’s environment variables like Windows - TEMP or TMP Directory.

If no environment variable is defined, the files get saved to the /tmp directory.

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Q. 56: What are the various types of Primary Run-time files?

Primary run-time files are of following types:

1) Vuser Script files: When we run a Vuser, the Controller sends a copy of the associated Vuser script to the Vuser load generator. These script files are stored in the load generator’s temporary run-time directory.

2) Result files: While we run a scenario, the participating Vusers write their results to the temporary run-time file directory. After scenario execution, these result files are consolidated and the results from all the load generators are transferred to the results directory.

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Q. 57: How transfer of script files takes place at run time in case Vusers access the scripts at some shared location?

If we specify that all Vusers access their Vuser scripts directly at some shared location, no transfer of script files take place at run time.

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Q. 58: What is Path translation in LoadRunner

Path translation is a mechanism used by LoadRunner to convert remote path names. We need to do path translation, when we specify a shared network drive for run-time file storage.

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Q. 59: What preparatory steps are recommended for running a scenario?

Before running a scenario following are suggested steps:

1) Specify the location of the results.

2) Assign a name to the results.

3) Scheduling of the scenario.

4) Providing scenario summary information.

5) Specification of applications to be invoked at the start of the scenario.

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Q. 60: What is the extension of scenario result file?

The general information about the scenario are stored in a result file with an extension (.eve and .lrr)

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