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HP LoadRunner 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 161 to 170

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HP LoadRunner 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 161 to 170

Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP LoadRunner 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M48

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP LoadRunner 11.X under the Series

(Quickly Review Your LoadRunner Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M48)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 151 to Q 160 are at the end of the page:

Q. 161: What does running a top time transaction test allow you to do?

A. Find out poor performing transactions regardless of load
B. Leverage the proper think time settings to balance slowest and fastest transactions
C. Point out scalability issues
D. Re-define

full load test goals according to measured performances

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Q. 162: If you are running a full load test, when should you look for possible bottlenecks?

A. When Vuser ramp up ends and the load is at its peak
B. When an application server crashes
C. When Vusers are increasing and transaction response time is increasing
D. When Vusers are ramping up and the average response time of passed transactions is stable

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Q. 163: Which test run is more likely to profit from Run-time Settings being configured to General: Log > Always Send Messages > Extended Log > Parameter Substitution?

A. Full load test
B. Top time test
C. Debug test
D. Scalability test

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Q. 164: What is the main purpose of Online Test Monitoring?

A. Detection and removal of bottlenecks as they occur real time
B. To verify correct implementation of scenario schedules
C. Early detection of any problems that could invalidate the test results, helping you take the correct action
D. To dynamically remove Vusers if target architecture is suffering under load

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Q. 165: While you are running a scenario, what can you do?

A. Start single Vusers, provided you do not exceed the scenario configurations.
B. Initialize distinct Vusers and only stop the whole group.
C. Initialize, run, and stop Vuser groups, but not single Vusers.
D. Initialize and run additional Vusers, and stop currently running Vusers.

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Q. 166: While you are running a scenario, what can you use the "Show Vuser Log" menu option to do?

A. To view run-time information about each running Vuser
B. To view run-time information about each running Vuser group
C. To reconfigure on-the-fly Logging Run-time Settings for each Vuser group, which will start from the next iteration
D. To reconfigure Logging Run-time Settings for each Vuser group, which will be effective immediately

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Q. 167: Where are the virtual user or transaction results stored during the run of a scenario?

A. Controller
B. Utility Server
C. Analysis
D. Load Generator

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Q. 168: From which components does the Collate Results function collate run data? (Select two.)

A. Load Generator
B. Controller
C. Diagnostics mediators
D. Analysis
E. Virtual User Generator

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Q. 169: During analysis of a scenario, you realize that the throughput becomes flat as Vusers continue to increase. What is the likely cause?

A. The Controller is missing data.
B. Schedule of the scenario is incorrect.
C. One or more Load Generators failed.
D. A bottleneck is reached.

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Q. 170: Which feature provides the capability to generate fast reports for similar scenario runs?

A. HTML Reports
B. Report Templates
C. SAP Diagnostics
D. Auto Correlate

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