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HP Functional Testing 11.x Exam Skill Test Q. 541 to 550

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HP Functional Testing 11.x Exam Skill Test Q. 541 to 550


Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP Functional Testing 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M47



Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP Functional Testing 11.X (QTP QuickTest Professional 11.0) under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QTP Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M47)

Set of 10 Questions


Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 531 to Q 540 are at the end of this page:

Q - 541: Which HP QuickTest Professional feature can be installed as a standalone application? 

A. Run Result Viewer

B. Object Repository Manager

C. Log Tracking Manager

D. Object Spy


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Q - 542: You have configured a test without checkpoints. After a successful test run with no failures, which status is displayed in the Test Results Summary?


A. Passed

B. Done

C. Successful

D. Complete


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Q - 543: Which conditions cause Smart Identification to fail? (Select two.)


A. Multiple objects match the learned description.

B. No object matches the learned description.

C. No methods match the learned description.

D. Multiple methods match the learned description.

E. An element does not support Smart Identification.


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Q - 544: DRAG DROP: Click the Task button. Identify the valid steps of the Smart Identification process and place them in the correct order of execution.


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Q - 545: Which feature requires a connection to HP Application Lifecycle Management? 

A. Jump to Step

B. Baselining

C. System Monitor

D. Save Test with Resources


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Q - 546: Which steps are required to connect to HP Application Lifecycle Management from HP QuickTest Professional? (Select three.)


A. Define a project

B. Connect to the server

C. Authenticate user

D. Create a user

E. Define a domain

F. Select a project


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Q - 547: Before automating a test, you decide to create a library of actions to be reused to achieve testing goals.

Which elements are critical for recording the different combinations of actions?


A. Starting and ending parameters

B. Input and output conditions

C. Initial and end conditions

D. Visual and implied cues


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Q - 548: What are the predefined Web Event Recording Configurations in HP QuickTest Professional? (Select three.)


A. Low

B. Basic

C. Medium

D. Intermediate

E. High

F. Advanced


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Q - 549: Which type of visual cue is easy to test with HP QuickTest Professional and requires a large amount of time to verify manually?


A. Content of an image

B. Existence of an image

C. Grayed-out field

D. Text attachment


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>> 

Q - 550: Which type of checkpoint ensures that a new record is saved correctly?

A. Text

B. Standard

C. Database

D. Bitmap

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Correct Answers to earlier Questions - Q.531 to Q 540 are as under:

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Q. 540



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